In battle, direct up to 4 squads in attacks on enemy bases and fight to achieve the goals of the mission.
Players enjoy intense battles. They lead squads either singularly or as a group. Alone squads carry out Squad Actions. As a group the squads perform powerful joint attacks.
After the battle ends players are given the designated payment. They also receive battle points based on enemies defeated and bases captured.

Obtaining SkillsCHECK

The character accumulates experience by fighting with enemies on the battlefield. Once he has sufficient experience, he will receive Skill Points. These can be used to obtain and improve skills.
Some actions, such as Combos over a certain number, give greater amounts of experience. Through the skills you obtain, you can create characters that match your style. For example, improving "Leadership" increases the number of squad members you can have.

Squad Action / Pennon

Player controlled squads can carry out a variety of type based Squad Actions. These Actions can be very powerful, have special effects, or more.
In addition, Pennons can be used to temporarily raise squad abilities or lower enemy squad abilities. This adds to the strategic resources the player can use.
Squad Actions replenish after a set time and can then be used again. Pennons are set during preparations and can be used at any time after.

Pennon List NEW

Quick March Raise squad mobility.
Anger Increase attack strength of own squad.
Defend Increase defense strength of own squad.
Evasion Increase ability of squad to evade enemy attacks.
Invincibility Render enemy attack ineffective for one time only.
Heavy Boots Lower enemy squad mobility.
Impair Lower attack strength of enemy squad.
Wear Lower defense strength of enemy squad.
Temptation Confuse a squad into attacking its allies.
Revival Resurrect dead troops.


In certain of the bases a player may need to capture are some guarded by "Guardians," enemies more difficult to defeat than normal. Guardians have "Break Gauges."
After reducing these, you are able to cause damage to them.
Bases with Guardians are displayed with flags that are bigger than those of regular bases. They also use attacks that are bigger and more powerful than those of normal soldiers.
Aim for the opening given after the Guardian attacks. Stun him by eliminating the Break Gauge. Attack efficiently with troops he is weak against.


Players can Zap (switch) between up to 4 squads during battle, allowing them to maneuver over a wide area to efficiently capture enemy bases.
Players can jump freely between their squads. This allows them to respond instantly to changes in the battle situation.
Directives can be given to uncontrolled squads, which will then act independently to accomplish them.
Controllable squads are assigned to the directional button, which allows for super quick zapping. Target multiple enemy resources by giving separate orders to multiple squads.
By holding down the directional button, you can issue orders like "Wait" to the indicated squad. By giving the squad a "Target", you can send them to capture or defend a specific base.


It can be difficult to defeat certain strong enemy bases or powerful enemies with just a single squad. In such cases, players can join their squads together into an Army to make a powerful concerted attack.
Armies make powerful coordinated attacks capable of wiping out the enemy forces.
An Army brings together up to 4 squads for an impressive maximum of 200 troops. A concerted attack can be triggered once the Morale Gauge fills.

Battles centered on Bases

Players progress by capturing bases located throughout the battlefield.
Bases are captured by defeating the Base Commander who appears after the base's Guard Points have been lowered to 0.
Plan your strategy beforehand by checking the Force info of both your side and your enemy's. Impregnable fortresses guarded by powerful "Guardians" also make an appearance in the game.
Capturing a base will lower the Guard Points of nearby bases. This can be used to make a string of conquests. Items and gold appear after a base has been captured.