A greatly improved Edit Character feature!
Not only are there detailed face and body settings, we have also prepared a variety of items that can be equipped to your characters, head, armor, hands, legs, and so on.
You can create your own perfect character or choose a character from history to create. With this Edit function, your character will become just what you want it to.

Station SystemCHECK

Characters created in Edit Mode can be uploaded using the Station command. After a set period of time, they will return with experience, money, and sometimes even items.
These characters can be given an item, one obtained in the game. The greater the value of that item, the greater the chance of increased rewards. On the other hand, if the character is forced to retreat, he could lose that item.
Also, with the Visitor Command, players can allow characters stationed by other players into their own games.
Occasionally, characters registered as Visitors will appear in the game as mercenary commanders for the enemy forces. Defeating those characters in battle gives the player a chance at obtaining the item they are carrying.
Your original characters and characters sent by other players all assemble together. Original messages are displayed when a player's character encounters other players' characters in the game.

An enriched Edit Function

The face that sets off the character can be made freely out of numerous parts for it's looks: frame, eyes, nose, mouth, and so on.
Furthermore the body can also be adjusted, to provide a character with individuality and personality.
Set all the parts separately, including the basic face type. There are numerous settings for each part.
You can also fine-tune the face using stick controls. The body can also be freely adjusted.