In the Hundred Years' War, players take on the role of a mercenary leader. They interact with a variety of characters, sometimes as allies, sometimes as opponents, while they guide their forces to victory.
The game employs a free mission system. Players gather information and make preparations at the tavern and then select missions to fight in.
Players enjoy the thrills of mercenary life. They prepare themselves, contract for missions, and get paid for successfully completing them. Then they do it all again.


The Tavern serves as the base of operations for all mercenaries. There players prepare for the fighting that is their stock in trade; they obtain important information by talking to various people, hire special troops to lead into battle, and buy much needed equipment.
Once preparations are complete, players freely choose a mission from among those offered by either the English and French forces. The fighting starts after preparations have been completed and a mission selected.
Missions that help advance the story-line are marked with a Talk to people in the tavern to receive valuable hints and information.