In Nightmare, we share an entirely original story based in the world of the Hundred Years' War.
Players will become heroes who fight against hordes of monsters. As they fight in these battles, the story gradually unfolds.

Game Flow

In Nightmare, the various battles (missions) occur as the story progresses.
The game progresses as the player successfully clears each battle.
There are multiple battles to choose from. Intermission introducing the background story line.
Event scenes that provide a wide range of information. Purchasing equipment and hiring troops takes place at the Battle Prep screen.

Battling Monsters

In Nightmare, battle a diverse array of monster types.
Effective tactics change due to the type of monster player's are fighting. Also, there is strategy involved in fighting huge monsters like dragons and cyclops with large numbers of men. This gives this storyline an exciting and different feel to the fighting as compared to that of The Hundred Years' War.
You are facing a huge monster. How do you fight it? Switch between units to coordinate your long and close range attacks. Do this and more as you devise a strategy that will defeat the monsters facing you.
Dragons breathe intense flames. Long range arrow attacks might be effective. You could also gather your forces and pull off an all-out attack.