This game allows you to enjoy 2 person online play.
Select Co-op Play to fight together on the battlefield or Versus Play to participate in exciting matches with various rules.
With online play, you can join players from across the country, sometimes as allies, sometimes as opponents, in a wide array of battle fun.

Co-op Play

Co-op play allows 2 players to join together to fight in Story Mode. Player 1(Host) and Player 2(Guest) lead up to 4 squads each and together strive to fulfil their objectives.
For player 1, the results of this cooperative mission are reflected in the story progress, so players struggling with a given mission can go online and get some help to clear it.
In co-op play, only battles available to player 1 can be selected.
After battle, both players receive the same rewards. Fight powerful opponents together? Work separately to win efficiently? Co-op play adds a new element to the strategy of the game.

Versus Play

In Versus play, 2 players lead up to 4 squads each and test their skills against each other under different conditions and rules.
Each player can lead 4 squads, regardless of how far along they are in their own Story Modes.
How do you gain an advantage? Versus play has its own strategies to consider. There are multiple types of versus play each with its own objectives, like competing to take out monsters or capture Guardian bases.

Versus Play rules

Capture Bases Compete to see who can capture a certain number of their opponents bases first. This is the most orthodox versus play.
Capture Guardians Compete to see who can capture a certain number of Guardian bases first. Players decide whether to make a direct attack or to take out surrounding bases to lower their targets Defense Points. Here, a player's strategy against these powerful bases is called into question.
Defeat Commanders Compete to see who can defeat a certain number of Commanders first. Here, being able to switch quickly to an appropriate troop type will be important.
Monster Campaign Compete to see who can defeat a certain number of a certain monster type first. For some of these large monsters, only an army is going to have any real effect.