Players can control swordsmen, cavalry, bowmen, axe men and many other different types of troops.
Each troop type has its own characteristics, with some being relentless attackers and others being staunch defenders. Also, squads employ different Squad Actions. This allows the player to select the troop type that best lends itself to his strategy.

Strategy BooksCHECK

Finding "Books" and "Tomes" on the battlefield allow players to lead new troop types.
There are, of course, basic troops that you can use from the start. But by obtaining various Books, you can lead new but powerful troop types, troop types with tricky attacks, and more.
This gives birth to numerous strategic possibilities.
Confirm any Books you have obtained at Battle Results. "Elephants" with fearsome tackles and stamps.
"Charioteers" with powerful charge attacks. "Engineers" with their control of mines and bombs.

Examples of Troop Types

Swordsmen A balanced, orthodox squad type. Uses a variety of attacks during close combat. Weak against enemies with high mobility and long reach.
Spearmen Effective with straight-line attacks from range. Weak when attacked from the side. It's Mighty Arm and Triple Thrust attacks can be very useful.
Halberd Long reach. Works well with other squad types. Powerful attack strength, but slow attack speed.
Armored Mace Extremely effective against infantry and armored enemies. Strong offenses. Slow-moving.
Armored Axe Strong both offensively and defensively, with many small area attacks. Weak against mobile and fast-moving enemies.
Lady Lancers Utilizes a powerful charge that serves as both attack and defense. Weak in melee combat, against ranged attacks and counter attacks.
Longbowmen Can accurately fire arrows at distant enemies. Extremely weak in close-quarter combat. Sports the longest range among bow troops.
Swordsmen Spearmen Halberd Armored Mace
Armored Axe Lady Lancers Longbowmen

Compatibilities between troop types

There are compatibilities between troop types and those compatibilities can greatly influence the outcome of a fight between your squad and an enemy squad.
During battle, you can check whether you have an advantage or not by looking at the icon over your opponents head.
If the icon over your enemy's head is green, your squad has the advantage.
The effects of an advantage include such things as your squad doing more damage to the enemy, your squad being harder to hit, and so on.
If the icon over your enemy's head is purple, your squad is at a disadvantage.
Since your squad is on the down side, you can expect a much harder fight.

Examples of compatibility

Knife Spear Sword Horseman Polesword Axe Club Bowman Magician
Sword Horseman
    = Attacker/    = Defender
◎ = Advantage/○ = Some advantage/- = Neutral/△ = Some Disadvantage/✕ = Disadvantage

Derivative troop types

Each of the troop types, have alternate types that wield different weapons.
There are Swordsman with quick attacks and Sword&Shield troops that can stun their enemies. Both are the same troop type, but their weapons set them apart.
Sword & Shield
Able to stun the enemy.
Scythe & Shield
Has an attack that cannot be blocked.
Two Handed
A wealth of Attack action.
Dual Sword
Large number of attacks.