Sparked into existence by the conflict over the succession, a bitter war between England and France continues unceasingly.
Evenly matched, neither of the two powerful countries can force a resolution.
Knights and commoners of both sides are weakened by fatigue.
As a result, mercenaries have come into heavy use on the battlefield.
Sufficiently skilled, mercenaries, who are bound to neither side, but freely switch sides depending on who pays them, can amass great fame and fortune.
For those who want to accomplish something, war brings not only chaos and destruction, but endless possibility.

Now, another mercenary has prepared to step onto the field of battle.
Crown Prince of England.
Known as the Black Prince from the jet black armor he habitually wears on the battlefield. Exceptionally talented and with noble ideals, he is the hope of England's future.
A kind young girl with a strong sense of justice.
Saddened by a France made desolate by war, she takes to the battlefield.
Though burdened with doubts, she fights diligently to free her home from the horrors of endless fighting.