The devastating conflict between England and France continues unceasingly.
However, all of a sudden a new threat emerges as hordes of unknown monsters appear and mercilessly begin to attack the bewildered humans.
France and England call a truce and begin to work together to fight the monsters. But the vast numbers of monsters soon back them into a corner. In addition, disturbing rumors are starting to be heard among the people.

The rumors say, "Joan of Arc, the Maid or Orleans, is leading the monsters."

Where did these monsters come from? Has the Maid betrayed humanity?
As people are flooded with doubts and despair, a couple of mercenaries, carrying a mysterious sword, appears in their midst.
The sword had the power to control some of the monsters.

What are these monsters? Will humanity survive? What happened to the Maid?
The answers to all of these revolve around the sword, as the story begins to unfold.
Joan of Arc...barely recognizable with the evil aura she now exudes.
Rumors say that she leads the monster hordes. But what is the truth?