▼08.09.2016 PS4® Ver. 1.02 update

Ver.1.02 Update Details
The following changes have been made:
- Adjusted/improved game balance.
- The bug in which the game froze during "Petition" issuing was fixed.
- The bug causing lag after issuing a "Petition" and selecting an operating officer was fixed.
- The bug causing the town's gold to become 0 in response to "Solicit" or "Goodwill" was fixed.
- The bug of commands becoming unavailable after disbanding a force was fixed.
- The bug related to the "Great Maneuver" was fixed.
- Other various spelling and display errors were fixed.
- Other minor improvements related to bugs and freezes were also made.

▼08.07.2016 PS4® Ver. 1.01 update and pre-order DLC clarification
Ver.1.01 Update Details
The following bugs have been fixed:
- A problem of the game freezing, when the city from where the player Officer has deployed from was taken by another force.
- Other various bugs.

Pre-Order DLC Clarification
The following pre-order DLC names have changed since their initial announcement. The announced content remains the same, only the names have changed.
- "The Battle of Chibi" is now "The Battle of Red Cliffs"
- "Campaign against Lu Bu" is now "Punitive Expedition to Lu Bu"