There are a total of six scenarios in the game, from the "Yellow Turban Rebellion" in the year 184, to the "Yi Subjugation" in 214.
Play as the young and unknown Liu Bei; the mighty warrior Lu Bu; the unparalleled strategist Zhuge Liang, or any other of your favorite characters.

Starting Scenarios

Yellow Turban Rebellion
February 184
Zhang Jiao, the leader of the Way of Peace, leads his followers in a revolt against the Han Dynasty.
This uprising would eventually lead to 100 years of unrest and turmoil throughout the land, while simultaneously giving rise to some of the greatest heroes of the age.
Anti Dong Zhuo Coalition
January 190
In a show of force, Dong Zhuo seizes control of the capital, Luoyang, causing a coalition of warlords to band together against the newfound threat.
With Yuan Shao as their leader, they rise up to put a stop to Dong Zhuo's tyranny.
January 195
Lu Bu, Liu Bei, and Sun Ce rise up to lead their respective forces amidst a land divided.
Kingdoms around the land rise and fall as each of them strive to seize power for themselves and unite the fractured nation.
The Battle of Guandu
February 200
Having conquered the Hebei region, Yuan Shao faces off against his longtime nemesis, Cao Cao, in a struggle for supremacy.
As Cao Cao and Yuan Shao prepare for battle, the three sworn brothers Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei look to reunite after a long separation.
The Three Visits
September 207
Cao Cao, possessing the largest force in the land, and Sun Quan, looking to expand his own influence, prepare for war in Jiangnan, presenting an opening for Liu Bei, who has been patiently waiting to make his move.
Seizing upon this opportunity, Liu Bei joins forces with Sun Quan to stand against the mighty Cao Cao.
Yi Subjugation
June 214
Liu Bei pacifies Yi Province, successfully dividing the land into three main factions.
A series of battles unfold between Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan as each ruler struggles to gain the upper hand.

Yellow Turban Rebellion

Anti Dong Zhuo Coalition


Yi Subjugation

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