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SAMURAI WARRIORS: Spirit of Sanada

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SAMURAI WARRIORS: Spirit of Sanada


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The story of Yukimura Sanada's life is fully depicted, from his father Masayuki's first battle to Yukimura's final battle.

The 48 Years of Yukimura Sanada

The 48 Years of Yukimura Sanada

An epic story that delves deeply into the life of Yukimura Sanada. From his early days of watching his father Masayuki and determining his goals to his heroic end at the Siege of Ōsaka, the entire life of Yukimura Sanada is fully depicted. As the dramatic story unfolds, Yukimura and company will grow and mature, and their appearances will change as well.

Castle Town

Introducing the "Castle Town", a new element that becomes the vocal point of the game!

The story will revolve around the Castle Town. Players will exerpience the daily life of an officer and prepare for upcoming battles. They will interact with townsfolks, train for upcoming battles, and more! As the story progresses, the number of Castle Towns will increase, with towns at the Sanada Main Castle, Ueda Castle, and Osaka Castle. Furthermore, as the towns grow, events will be triggered and new facilities will appear.。
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Multi-Stage Battle

The Sanada's large-scale battles are depicted through "Multi-Stage Battles"!

Battles will occur over an extended term, across multiple battlefields (scenarios)! Battles will include the events that lead up to the final fight, skirmishes and battles at supporting castles. Through this, players will experience battle on a larger scale than ever before. During each battle time will pass from day to night and players will be able to see how their actions affect other battles. In peripheral battles, players will be able to play as other fan-favourite Samurai Warriors officers!
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Exciting Characters

Masayuki Sanada finally makes an appearance!
Exciting characters adorn the pages of Yukimura's life!

A wide cast of new characters, starting with the much sought after Masayuki Sanada, help tell the story of Yukimura's life. In addition, many familiar characters also appear to give further depth to the story.
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3D Map

A full 3D map of Japan!

The game uses a Full 3D Map of the Warring States period of Japan for situational explanations. By moving the camera across the map, players are able to view the lands where battles have been held from various angles.
Sanada Six Coins
 *Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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