Lieutenant Levi Tells All!
Gameplay Introduction
Lieutenant Levi Tells All! Levi


Talk with a variety of characters in the camp and advance the episode!

The camp acts as base of operations for all military personnel, and allows you to enjoy chatting with a host of different characters.
You can also enhance your weapons and stock up on items here before advancing to the next episode.


The next event begins! Get ready for battle!

An event will be played and then you'll be thrown into battle.
The game features a large number of exciting event scenes, all depicted using incredible graphics.
Relive all of the best scenes from Attack on Titan!


Survive the hardships of battle and seize victory!

Each battle will involve overcoming a series of challenges and hardships.
You will need to closely observe the battlefield and choose your next move with care.
Alongside your primary mission, each battle also has secondary missions that may reward you with powerful new allies or important items.

Will you hack off arms and legs in order to first immobilize the Titan, or will you just go for the nape right away? Such are the choices you will face, moment after moment, in the midst of battle.
*Titans come in all shapes and sizes. In terms of appearance alone, there are more than 100 different titans in the game.


View the post-battle event and then return to the camp!

After watching the post-battle event you will be returned to the camp.
Repeat the process in steps 1-4 and aim to clear the game.


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