DLC Information

Hideaway Customization Pack

  1. Hideaway Exterior Models
    Models that will change the exterior of the Hideaway. A total of 5 models ranging from a tall tower-like model to a Hideaway built on water, and the interior will change to match the exterior. Create a unique Hideaway with an exterior that matches or stands out from the surrounding environment.
  2. Furniture
    A total of 10 additional furniture models for the Hideaway interior. Included are functional furniture such as a Stable to increase the experience of a horse, and a Prayer Bench that can arbitrarily change the weather for a short time, allowing you to create a base that is both functional and visually pleasing.
  3. The Ordeals
    The Ordeals are missions that you can challenge repeatedly to try and achieve new records. You can take on the ordeals by speaking with a Sage at a town, and can receive a variety of rewards depending on your performance.
    Lightning Speed
    A mission in which you must quickly defeat target officers. Carefully plan out how to best move about cities to complete the mission as quickly as possible. Try to take advantage of items that appear from defeating soldiers and officers that aren't your target, or by breaking open crates.
    The True New Hefei Castle
    A mission in which you must infiltrate the castle's narrow confines and quickly defeat target officers. Within the castle you'll find various traps and powerful officers, so try to see through such traps and find the shortest route for defeating the target officers.
    Standing Firm
    A mission in which you must prevent enemies from crossing the Changban Bridge at all costs. You will fail the mission if a certain number of enemies cross the bridge. Try to make use of attacks that cover a wide area and prevent the enemy's charge.
    The Summit of True Might
    A mission in which you must defeat enemies on a narrow mountain path. Enemies can be defeated by knocking them off the summit, so make use of attacks that send the enemies flying.
    The Indefatigable
    A mission in which you must fight for as long as possible within poison pools that will continually deplete your health. Try to survive by making use of recovery items and items that raise your abilities, which can be found in crates or dropped by enemies.
*Clear the odeals missions to obtain the additional Exterior Models and Furniture Models.
*This content is also available for season pass holders. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.