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1.Try out the story mode using any officer of your choice!

By using "Trial Tickets," you can play the early stages of the story mode using any officer of your choice. You can choose up to 3 officers from our cast of 90 officers.

2.Enjoy the game even further with "Officer Tickets"!

By purchasing and using "Officer Tickets," you can play the corresponding officers' story modes in their entirety. In addition, you can enjoy playing the online and split screen co-op modes, as well as free mode.

3.Free online co-op play!

"Online co-op play" can be enjoyed for free at any time.
Also, in addition to officers you have unlocked by using "Officer Tickets," you can select from 6 free officers that change daily.
Each day, 2 of the daily free officers will be replaced by new officers.

*Note: For the PlayStation®4 version, a PlayStation®Plus membership is required for the online co-op feature.
Co-op Play

4.Enjoy the same DLC as the full version!

You can purchase currently available DLC, as well as future DLC as it becomes available.
Enhance your gameplay experience with a plentiful variety of DLC, including costumes, weapons, scenarios, previously unplayable NPC officers, and more.
The Season Passes are also available for purchase. DLC Information


With the "DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Trial" version, playable modes and accessible content depend on the method in which officers have been made available, as shown in the table below.
Also, save data from the "DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Trial" version can be carried over to the full version of the game.
Trial Ticket Daily Free Officer Ticket
Story Mode -
Free Mode - -
Split screen co-op play - -
Online co-op play -
Note: Officers selected by using a Trial Ticket can only play the early stages of the story.