Experience the evolution of DYNASTY WARRIORS 9!
DYNASTY WARRIORS 9, which has been refined and evolved with updates since its release,is now available at a special price, bundled with DLC sets!
For current players, discounted DLC sets are available! Latest updates

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During the periods listed below, various bonuses can be earned when certain conditions are met during gameplay.
①Costume DLC Bonus
Period 5.12.2019〜22.1.2020(UTC)
Bonus Receive an additional Book of Musou
Condition Player officer is wearing a DLC costume
②Scenario DLC Bonus
Period 5.12.2019〜22.1.2020(UTC)
Bonus Receive an additional Book of Musou when the scenario is completed
Condition Reach the ending of a DLC scenario
③Weapon DLC Bonus
Period 5.12.2019〜22.1.2020(UTC)
Bonus Receive additional synthesis materials
Condition A DLC weapon is equipped
④Flame Tiger Elimination Bonus
Period 5.12.2019〜20.12.2019(UTC)
Bonus Less damage taken from a specified powerful enemy / An additional 5 minutes added to battle
Condition Fight against the powerful enemy Flame Tiger or Flame Tiger - Revisited
Period 5.12.2019〜22.1.2020(UTC)
Bonus Receive additional materials / Receive additional coins / Receive an additional Book of Musou
Condition Play using one of the following officers:
Xiahou Dun/ Dian Wei/ Sima Yi/ Zhang Liao/ Cao Cao/ Xu Zhu/ Xiahou Yuan/ Zhou Yu/ Lu Xun/ Sun Shangxiang/ Gan Ning/ Sun Jian/ Sun Quan/ Taishi Ci/ Lu Meng/ Zhao Yun/ Guan Yu/ Zhang Fei/ Zhuge Liang/ Liu Bei/ Ma Chao/ Huang Zhong/ Jiang Wei/ Diao Chan/ Lu Bu/ Dong Zhuo/ Yuan Shao/ Zhang Jiao
⑥Companion Animal Bonus
Period 5.12.2019〜28.12.2019(UTC)
Bonus Increased effectiveness of tranquilizer darts
Condition Equip a companion animal

For players new to the game
Base game + DLC set

For current players
DLC sets available at a discount

ClawsEmei PiercersSword & HookInferno VoulgeSerpent Blade
Curved SwordCrescent EdgeLightning SwordDual HookbladesTripartite Nunchucks
Tooth & NailCrossed PikeIron FluteTempest MaceBow & Rod
Weapons DLC details
①Playable NPC officers
XiahoujiDong BaiHua XiongYuan Shu

②Hypothetical Scenarios Set
Hypothetical Scenario: Guo JiaHypothetical Scenario: Zhou YuHypothetical Scenario: Xu ShuHypothetical Scenario: Chen Gong
Hypothetical Scenario: Cao PiHypothetical Scenario: Lu SuHypothetical Scenario: Fa ZhengHypothetical Scenario: Zhong Hui
Note: For each character's Hypothetical Scenario, 1 additional costume is included
Scenarios DLC details
①Costumes included in Season Passes
Sun Shangxiang "High School Girl Costume"Daqiao "High School Girl Costume"
Lianshi "Police Officer Costume"Xiaoqiao "High School Girl Costume"
Xingcai "High School Girl Costume"Bao Sanniang "Cheerleader Costume"
Guan Yinping "High School Girl Costume"Xiahouji "New Wife Costume"
Zhenji "Flight Attendant Costume"Cai Wenji "Maid Costume"
Wang Yi "Sommelier Costume"Xin Xianying "Concierge Costume"
Wang Yuanji "Nurse Costume"Diaochan "Bride Costume"
Lu Lingqi "High School Girl Costume"Dong Bai "Cutesy Goth Costume"
Lu Xun "Knight Costume"Xingcai "Knight Costume"
Xun Yu "Knight Costume"Guan Yinping "Knight Costume"
Wang Yuanji "Knight Costume"Diaochan "Knight Costume"
Yue Jin "Knight Costume"Li Dian "Knight Costume"
Sun Shangxiang "Knight Costume"Lianshi "Knight Costume"
Ma Dai "Knight Costume"Jia Chong "Knight Costume"
Xin Xianying "Knight Costume"Wang Yi "Knight Costume"
Gan Ning "Samurai Costume"Ling Tong "Samurai Costume"

②Special Costumes
Beijing Opera-Style Costume: Zhao YunDudou Costumes: Sun Shangxiang
Dudou Costumes: DiaochanDudou Costumes: Guan Yinping
Dudou Costumes: Wang YiDudou Costumes: Lu Lingqi
Dudou Costumes: Wang YuanjiDudou Costumes: Xin Xianying
Special Costume: Xin Xianying
Costumes DLC details
Additional Weapons Set + Additional Scenarios Set + Additional Costumes Set + Hideaway Customization Pack + Season Pass Bonuses
Season Passes details
Note: These sets contain DLC already available for purchase. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.