Basic Controls: Steam®

Gamepad Controls

Steam® コントローラー
Aボタン Examine, Confirm, Talk
Bボタン Cancel, Search Mode On/Off (Heartscape)
Xボタン Swing (Heartscape), Hints On/Off (Summary, Requests)
Yボタン View Main Menu
SELECTボタン View Summary/Requests, Use Stacked Skills (Battle)
Lスティック Move
Rスティック Move Camera
RBボタンLスティック Run (Default)
LBボタン View School Menu (School), View Map (Heartscape), Change Tabs
RBボタン Toggle Run On/Off, Change Tabs
LTボタン Zoom In, Change Tabs
RTボタン Zoom Out, Change Tabs
Lスティック押し込み Photo Mode
方向パッド上 View Event Log
方向パッド下 Return to School (From the Map screen in a Heartscape)
方向パッド右 Go to Date Destination
方向パッド左 View FreeSpace!

Keyboard and Mouse Controls

The Keyboard and Mouse may be used on the Steam version of the game.
The controls will be displayed at the bottom right of each screen.

Key bindings can be changed by using the Esc key and selecting Key Config from the PC Menu.

The control guide is based on a standard QWERTY keyboard.

School and Heartscape Controls
Move Character W/A/S/D
Move Camera Mouse
Zoom In/Out Mouse Wheel
Dash (Default) Shift
Examine, Confirm, Talk, Swing (Heartscape) Left-click
Cancel Right-click
Collect/Interact E
Return to School (From the Map screen in a Heartscape) B
Main Menu Tab
Event Log L
School Menu (School), Map (Heartscape) C
View Summary, Hints On/Off (Summary, Requests) F
Photo Mode N
Go to Date Destination, Toggle Search Mode (Heartscape) Space
FreeSpace! Q
PC Menu Esc
Battle Controls
Skill List (Starting From Leftmost Character) A/S/D
Supporter Menu, Ally Info / Enemy Info Toggle (While Paused) Tab
Escape Hold R
Toggle Auto/Manual Hold Shift
Pause Esc
Use Item (Supporter Menu) D
View Support Order (Supporter Menu) S
Swap Characters (Supporter Menu) A
Toggle Character Information (Pause) Q/R
Support Skill (One-on-One) W
Attack Skill (One-on-One) E
Counter (One-on-One) S
Dodge (One-on-One) D

Graphics Settings

Graphics settings can be changed by using the Esc key and selecting Graphics Settings from the PC Menu.
If you feel the game is running slow, lowering your graphics settings might improve performance.

Screen Resolution Select a Screen Resolution.
When your Window Settings are set to Windowed, this will change the size of your window. When set to Borderless Window, it will match your display's resolution.
Window Settings Select a window mode.
You can choose between Fullscreen, Borderless Window, and Window. Pressing F9 will cycle between them.

Borderless Window mode will remove the border of the window and stretch it to the edges of your screen, giving you a display similar to Fullscreen mode.

Overall Graphic Quality Adjust graphical settings. Choosing High/Medium/Low will automatically adjust your graphics.
Texture Quality Adjust Texture Quality settings.
Shadow Quality Adjust Shadow Quality settings.
Local Reflections Quality Adjust reflection processing quality settings.
Effect Quality Adjust Effect Quality settings.
Anti-Aliasing Toggle line smoothing on and off.
DOF Toggle blurring of objects outside of focus on and off.
Ambient Occlusion Toggle additional shading effects on and off.
Bloom Toggle light bloom effects on and off.
Light Shafts Toggle light shafts originating from the sun on and off.
Draw Distance Adjust the distance at which objects are displayed.
Point Light Distance Adjust Point Light Distance.
Grass Draw Distance Adjust the distance at which grass is displayed.
Motion Blur Toggle motion blur on and off.