Photo Mode

Ready the camera to enter Photo Mode.
In Photo Mode, you can repel ghosts, as well as discover secrets with your Camera Obscura.

The Game Screen

Capture Area

Shows the area you can photograph.

Camera's Subject

Represented with a ○ over a ghost's face or near to it.
The more subjects you photograph in one shot, the more damage you do.

Upgraded Lenses

This refers to lenses with special effects. Using them consumes Spirit Power.

Your Spirit Power

Increases when you photograph ghosts. The more damage you do to ghosts, the more Spirit Power you receive.

Center Circle

Place this over a subject before photographing them. The more subjects you photograph, the more damage you do.

Ghost Health

Photographing a ghost depletes their health. Reducing it to zero, repels them.

Subject Number

Represents how many subjects are within frame.

Film in Use

Shows how many photographs you can take with your current film. The reload time and attack power vary by film.

Spirit Fragments

Dropped by ghosts when they take damage.
They gradually heal a ghost's health over time, but can be erased if photographed.

Taking Photos and Charging

Ready your camera to be able to take a photo. After you take a shot, your film will take some time to recharge.
Once it has recharged, you can take another photo.

Take Photo (Attack) Controls:
  • Nintendo Switch™

  • PS4™

  • PS5™

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox Series X|S

  • Steam® Gamepad

  • Steam® Keyboard and mouse

    Left Click

View Photos and Points

Photographing ghosts rewards you with points.
Points can be used to do the following: upgrade the Camera Obscura; buy items at the start of episodes; and purchase additional costumes.
To view photos you have taken, go to "Photographs" in the menu.

Psychic Photographs

Allows you to see what the eye cannot.
If you point your Camera Obscura at something producing a reaction, the capture area will turn red, as long as you are holding the button. Take a picture in this state to see related place and object information.

Phantom Exposé

If you see something producing a reaction, take a photo in the correct position and at the right angle to see objects normally invisible to the naked eye.