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Notice regarding breach of data on the KOEI TECMO EUROPE website

25 December, 2020 - KOEI TECMO EUROPE LIMITED (KTE) reports some information may have been leaked.

The issue continues to be under investigation, and the current status is as follows:

1. Leaked information
Within the website operated by KTE, the “Forum” page and the registered user information (approximately 65,000 entries) may have been breached. The data leaked through hacking is perceived to be the (optional) account names and related password (encrypted) and/or registered e-mail address.

The “Forum” does not contain any credit card information. In addition, at this point a breach of data has not taken place in any other sites or pages other than the “Forum”.

2. Perpetrator
At this point, the perpetrator of the hacking has not yet been identified. The method and process used are still under investigation. It has been determined the possibility of a ransomware attack as the result of data compromise is low. Up to this point there are no confirmed demands or threats towards KTE or its parent company KOEI TECMO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (KT)

3. Measures being taken
KTE has not only temporarily closed its website, but also KTE has been completely disconnected from the KT internal network.

Since the possibility of e-mail addresses being leaked has been confirmed, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a report has been filed to the Information Commissioner Office of the breach of personal information. Simultaneously, KTE and KT are taking the steps to file a damage report to local law enforcement.

KTE apologises for the concern and inconvenience this may be causing to its customers and business partners. For individuals who have had their e-mail addresses leaked, KTE and KT are determined to take the appropriate measures and act in good faith hereafter.

At this point, there are no issues or problems with game development and other business endeavors.

Both KTE and KT will work to prevent similar issues from occurring, and further strengthen its security system while simultaneously taking strict actions against illegal acts such as unauthorized access.