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KOEI TECMO Europe today reveals the all-new Ambitions Journal,alongside additions to the series staple synthesis gameplay, for GUST Studio’slatest entry to the heart-warming Atelier series. Atelier Lydie &Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings is slated torelease on the 30th March 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4computer entertainment system, and Windows PC via Steam®, invitingplayers to live the adventures of twin alchemists Lydie and Suelle, throughmagnificent landscapes within mysterious paintings, in their quest to becomethe best alchemists.

To help the pair reach their joint goal of running the bestatelier, Suelle creates the Ambitions Journal where she tracks everything theyneed to accomplish along the way. The ambitions listed in their journal containtasks related to the key pillars of the Atelier series: alchemy, synthesis, battle,and character relations. As these are completed, Important Quests are unlocked,which will raise the twin’s Atelier Rank upon their completion. This rank isextremely important for young alchemists as chances of discovering newpaintings increases the more they level up their Atelier - and opening up theopportunity to undertake the ever-necessary alchemy exam, a Promotion Test.

Throughout their adventures in Atelier Lydie &Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings, the twins willfind a bounty of resources which will be needed to create incredibly usefulitems. Synthesising items is a necessity for the twins to perfect their skills,as they train to run the best atelier in the country. The Synthesis system hasbeen tweaked with the addition of Enhancing Agents, making the learning processeasier for aspiring alchemists. The newly introduced Enhancing Agents attachnew effects onto synthesised items and, depending on the agent used, willchange the synthesis panel in unique ways.

Change Agents cause coloured tiles to transform into the colorof the agent, while Colour Adjacent Agents turn the chosen tile and those nextto it into the same colour. Additionally, Connect Agents change all of thetiles connected horizontally, vertically and diagonally to the chosen squareinto the same colour. Colour All Agents causes all tiles of the same colour totransform into the colour of the agent. Carefully utilising these agents at theright time can ensure synthesised items are even more effective. For example,bombs can have a wider explosive radius and perform more damage; while healthitems will have stronger healing properties.

A dynamic new trailer was released today, focusing on the prominent Promotion Test featured in AtelierLydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Journey,alongside a bounty of colourful new screenshots which further detail theSynthesis System. These screenshots also introduce three new worlds; theimposing boss enemy, Falgior; and a collection of new characters: the famouspirate captain, Backen; the bright, noisy and energetic travellingscriptwriter, Drossel; the travelling puppeteer, Fritz; the ever-passionatetown Blacksmith, Hagel; and the popular nun from Kirchen Bell, Pamela.