Developers' comment

Thank you very much for all of the entries from Japan, Asia, North America, and the EU. As we received a lot of enthusiastic scenarios, it was very hard for the team to select the best one. It was especially difficult to select the final 3 candidates due to the many impassioned entries from Asia. We were also impressed that many enthusiastic fans in Europe and North America participated in the contest with their original ideas.
There were many entries which featured an all-star cast such as “Rise of the Heroes,” which is a campaign where all of the officers and rulers are alive at the same time. The second largest category were entries that featured a "what if..." scenario. Zhang Jiao, Yuan Shu, Sun Ce, Lu Bu, and Guan Yu were often listed as the main characters in addition to Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan. It was interesting to see the high demand for popular warlords.
Now we are happy to announce the 3 winners of the RTK14 scenario contest. We will endeavor to develop scenarios that meet the expectations of all of the fans. Please look forward to it!
Note: These three scenarios will be released as paid DLC in September.


Sam James
(North America & EU Region)

Jul. 199Gongsun Zan: The Hero of Hebei
Gongsun Zan, who won the battle of Yijing, conquers Hebei and confronts Cao Cao and Liu Bei, who defeated Lu Bu in Xuzhou. On the other hand, Yuan Shao escaped to his hometown, Runan, and joined Yuan Shu in his efforts to revive the Yuan clan.
Developers' comment Gongsun Zan, who won the battle with Yuan Shao and extends his power in Hebei, is attractive as a protagonist. On the other hand, despite being defeated, Yuan Shao survived and joined Yuan Shu, aiming to become victorious with his small forces. From this, we could really feel the adventurous spirit of both Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu who appear as antiheroes in this scenario.

Note: Title is subject to change.


Jan. 251Conflict among Clans
Among the numerous clans such as Zhang, Sun, Wang, Liu, Cao, and Li, if warlords of the same family name join together, which clan would be the winner? Family names have great meaning in the history of China, and it's time to determine the "most powerful clan of the Three Kingdoms."
Developers' comment As a matter of fact, creating a group of warlords with the same family name was the highest backed idea. Among them, the team selected this scenario because it had the coolest name.

Note: Title is subject to change.


Aug. 188A Yellow Sky
The Han Dynasty was destroyed due to the fall of Luoyang by the Yellow Turban Army. During the reign of Zhang Jiao, Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Yuan Shao were impressed with his attitude, so they decided to join to Yellow Turban Army. However, Zhang Jiao has been bedridden for many days, and dark clouds are beginning to appear over the Yellow Turban Army.
Developers' comment Numerous 'what if' stories have been sent such as if Guan Wu or Sun Ce had not died, but the idea that Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Yuan Shao were inspired by Yellow Turban's ideology has originality that even the team never thought of before.

Note: Title is subject to change.


Submission Period 23/3/2020 (Mon.) ~ 30/4/2020 (Thu.) 23:59
General Rules
  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • The scenario can only feature officers from the 1,000 officers that are in RTK14.
  • The development team for RTK 14 will judge and select the entries.
  • A total of three scenarios will be selected; one from each of the following regions Japan / Asia / North America & Europe. These scenarios will be released as paid DLC at a later date.
Winner announcement 29/5/2020

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