Atelier Ryza’s Special

UPDATE 22/11/2019

To commemorate the release of the new “Photo Mode”, we will be hosting a Photo Contest for all our fans! Create memorable photos in the world of Atelier Ryza and send us your submissions. The dev team will select from the submitted photos and announce the winners. Winners will receive a magnificent prize! Note: Screenshots that are not taken by Photo Mode may also be submitted.


Thank you very much for all the entries for the second half of the contest!
Here are the winning entries.

Toridamono's Prize

  • Mischa

    Relaxing melody

    Toridamono's Comment:
    It seems like the sunshine in the background expresses the feelings of Klaudia, who was able to open up to everyone - not just Ryza.
    You can feel that the four characters are spending precious time together in this refreshing image!

Regional Prize

  • Sakura Hime

    Great Element

  • Orbulon

    A helping hand, please?!

  • Oberon

    Reunion in night

Outstanding Prizes

  • Ali

    Adventuring under the moonlight

  • Vincent Gehrke

    Don't let the sun go down on us

  • Oberon


  • Alchemist BISC8

    Puni Ryza!

  • Pikau

    I don't know what's happening, Again

Honorable Mention

  • kizu999

    Courage, Composure, Conviction

  • Kitsy

    Let's take a picture!

  • Sakura Hime

    School Life

  • Ali

    Starry sky

  • RR-

    Ara ara~

  • Yuu Hazukashi

    I‘m not jealous at all!

  • Vincent Gehrke

    The Melody of Hope & Loss

  • Nadie

    A Resting Melody

  • Rory

    Seaside Rendezvous

  • Atelier Anshel

    Outdoors Concert

How to Submit

Submission Period 21 November, 2019 ~ 5 January, 2020
Prize Toridamono Prize (1 winner)
- Acrylic Print signed by Toridamono

Regional Prizes (3 winners)
- Just like Ryza! Favorite Hat
- Just like Ryza! Matching Blue Puni T-shirt

Outstanding Prizes (5 winners)
- Acrylic Keychain
※Keychains will be awarded at random.

Honorable Mention (10 winners)
- Limited edition clear file

How to Submit 1. Please follow the Koei Tecmo Europe Official Twitter @koeitecmoeurope
2. RT the campaign tweet.
3. Take a screenshot in Atelier Ryza.
4. Post the screenshot with
"Photo Title" + "#RyzaPhotoContestEU" + "(free comment)".

Terms and Conditions

  • Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd. (“KTG”)
  • 1. Please follow Twitter Terms of Service when submitting the screenshots.
  • 2. Winners will be contacted via Twitter's direct message from Koei Tecmo Europe Official Twitter (@koeitecmoeurope) (Scheduled for January 2020).
    In addition, we will ask you for personal information necessary for sending prizes.
  • 3. The deletion of submitted entries or tweets before the end of the campaign or unfollowing the official account (@koeitecmoeurope) will be deemed ineligible.
  • 4. Twitter accounts must be set to public. Accounts set to private are not eligible.
  • 5. If the winner’s Twitter account falls under any of the following, the winning may be canceled.
    ・ Anything that infringe or is likely to infringe any intellectual property rights, property rights, or other legal rights of KTG or any other third parties
    ・ Anything that is likely to induce criminal acts
    ・ Anything of which the purpose is for profit
    ・ Anything that causes damage to or is likely to causes damage to the reputation or trust of KTG or any other third parties
    ・ Any other things that KTG deems inappropriate.
  • 6. KTG will collect entrants’ personal information during this event and use the same for the purposes of running this event. Entrants' personal information will be maintained and managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Koei Tecmo group.
  • 7. Residents of the Europe who satisfy all of the following conditions are eligible to participate this event.
    (1) Anyone who is not under 12 years of age.
    (2) Anyone who is capable of entering into a contract by himself/herself or with the consent of his/her legal guardian under the laws of the jurisdiction of his/her residence.
    (3) Anyone who obtains the consent of a legal guardian upon entry into this event when it is required under the laws of the jurisdiction of his/her residence.
  • 8. All intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and design rights, of submitted photos shall be owned by KTG.
  • 9. Submitted photos will be published on the website designated by KTG regardless of participant’s winning or losing.
  • 10. Please refrain from transferring or selling prizes.
  • 11. The contents of this contest are subject to change without any prior notice.