Atelier Ryza’s System - Synthesis

Synthesis system -
create various items!

You can create various items such as weapons, tools, medicines and more by combining them via synthesis.
The synthesis system, also known as "Linkage Synthesis" features a fixed number of cells which players can unlock via strategic item placement – extending a variety of different results imbued onto the final product depending on the way the cell branches. Special change recipe cells can also be uncovered which unlock new recipes, enabling aspiring alchemists to experiment with different items while discovering exciting new results.

Forbidden alchemy!?
Rebuild items to
enhance performance!

Created Items are able to be used again during synthesis for the new Item Rebuild process.
Rebuilding an item offers the chance to make it stronger than it was when originally built, and the more times an item is rebuilt the more superior it will become. However, rebuilding an item also causes the amount of dexterity required to increase, limiting the amount of characters who will be able to use them, so choosing between item strength or ease of use becomes vital when planning battle strategies.

New feature!
Create your own unique
gathering fields through
“Gathering Synthesis”

In this game, even gathering fields can be synthesized through alchemy.
“Gathering Synthesis” allows you to create your own gathering fields.
By using different raw materials, you can freely change what type of field it is, what items you can obtain, and what monsters you can encounter. Once you’ve found the perfect combination of items, share your gathering location password with your friends!