Atelier Ryza’s Update

UPDATE 31/5/2021


31/5/2021 Release

Version Update Ver.1.09(PlayStation®4)
Update Ver.1.0.8(Nintendo Switch™)
Update Ver.1.08(Steam®)
Details - Added DLC support.

29/3/2021 Release

Version Update Ver.1.08(PlayStation®4)
Details - Added support to make it possible to obtain save data bonuses for the "Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout" on the PS4™ in the PS5™ version on "Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy".

10/9/2020 Release

Version Update Ver.1.07(PlayStation®4 / Steam®)
Update Ver.1.0.7(Nintendo Switch™)
Details - Fixed various bugs and defects.

[PlayStation®4 only]
- Corrected an issue in which, after applying update 1.02, character dialogue was prevented from properly being displayed when traveling on the map.

[Steam® only]
- Corrected an issue in which, after applying update 1.02, character dialogue was prevented from properly being displayed when traveling on the map.
- Fixed an issue that caused some PCs to experience frame rate drops during cutscenes

[Nintendo Switch™ only]
- Corrected an issue in which, after applying update 1.0.2, character dialogue was prevented from properly being displayed when traveling on the map.

24/4/2020 Release

Version Update Ver.1.05(PlayStation®4 / Steam®)
Update Ver.1.0.5(Nintendo Switch™)
Details - Corrected an issue in which, after applying update 1.02, the Gather Rate for "Effects" on the Guide would sometimes not become 100%.
- Fixed various bugs and issues.

2/3/2020 Release

Version Update Ver.1.04(PlayStation®4 / Steam®)
Update Ver.1.0.4(Nintendo Switch™)
Details - Fixed bugs and made minor adjustments to the additional content Season Event "Ever Summer Queen & the Secret Island."

14/1/2020 Release

Version Update Ver.1.03(PlayStation®4 / Steam®)
Update Ver.1.0.3(Nintendo Switch™)
Details - Added 9 BGM tracks from "Atelier Online: Alchemists of Braceir " that can be used in-game.

Note: BGM can be changed from the diary on the desk in Ryza's room or in Ryza's atelier.

- Fixed some bugs.
- Fixed some display related bugs.
- Support for additional content.

[Nintendo Switch™ only]
- Fixed a bug in the Season Event “Ever Summer Queen & the Secret Island” DLC that may prevent the game from progressing.

17/12/2019 Release

Version Update Ver.1.02(PlayStation®4 / Steam®)
Update Ver.1.0.2(Nintendo Switch™)
Details - Increased level caps for gathering location synthesis.
- Added Story Trailer.

Note: The Story Trailer can be viewed in the Art Gallery option from the Extra menu added to the title screen once the game is cleared. The trailer content is exactly the same as the story trailer on the game website.

- Fixed bugs that would cause the game to freeze or not progress in certain circumstances when in battle or during movies.
- Fixed bugs what would cause items or treasure boxes to disappear when certain commands are entered when the baskets or containers are full.
- Fixed various bugs and display issues.
- Added support for additional content.
- Other minor adjustments and issues.
- Fixed the bug where the ending credits would be displayed in Japanese after installing patch 1.01 (PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™).

19/11/2019 Release

Version Update Ver.1.01(PlayStation®4 / Steam®)
Update Ver.1.0.1(Nintendo Switch™)
Details - Additional function update ("Photo Mode", "Weasel Roast", "Puni Companion")
- Fixed bugs that occurred under certain circumstances in battles and quests
- Expansion update("Advanced Exploration Patch", " Highest Difficulty Patch")
- Fixed a bug that prevented progress when selecting Chinese (traditional) or Chinese (simplified) in the language settings of Nintendo Switch™ after applying Update 1.02
- Support for additional content
- Fixed a bug that causes the game to freeze when moving the map to the Secret Hideout or Hidden Clearing
- Fixed a bug when extra skills may not be activated when an extra order is achieved during battle under certain conditions.
- Fixed several display issues
- Other minor adjustments and issues.

Free updates


1st update

Release 19th November
Content "Photo Mode"
: Create memorable photos!
"Weasel Roast"
: Aim for high scores for a bonus!
"Puni Companion"
: raise your own puni

Save your memories of Ryza’s adventure through the new Photo Mode!

Find your favorite, spot, pose each character, change the time of day, select a frame, filter and more to create your own memorable photos.

Note: Can be used immediately after installing the free update.
Note: The characters to be placed in photos must be in your party at the time.
Note: There is no function to take screenshots in Photo Mode itself. Please use the PlayStation®4 or Nintendo Switch™ screen shot capture function.

Earn bonuses with high scores!
"Weasel Roast"

Test your skills against Weasel Roast! Create combos for higher damage and higher scores to receive bonus gems!

Note: It is unlocked after advancing the story to a point roughly after Empel joins your party.

Get items by raising puni!?
Raise a puni with "Puni Companion"

That’s right – it will now be possible to raise your own puni!
Raise your puni by feeding it to increase its status and to change its appearance. As your puni grows, they may even go on their own adventure and bring back some items for you.

Note: It will be unlocked after the midway point of the story.

2nd update

Release 19th November
Content Expansion Update - Advanced Exploration Patch
・Strengthens certain skills
・Raises level caps
・Expands weapon strengthening
Expansion Update - Highest Difficulty Patch
・The highest difficulty setting "LEGEND" will be added

Challenge more powerful enemies to strengthen Ryza and friends!

Prepare for the challenging battles in the new “LEGEND” difficulty! Strengthen Ryza and friends to level 99, improve their skills, and strengthen their weapons!

3rd update

Release 17th December
Content Free update
・Raises level caps for gathering location synthesis

A powered-up Gathering Location Synthesis! Synthesize high-level locations for more challenging battles!

Synthesize level 100 to 200 worlds! Fight powerful enemies and earn valuable materials!

4th update

Release 31th July
Content Free Update "Very Easy Patch"
・Difficulty setting "Very Easy" added

A new difficulty has been released for players that want to thoroughly enjoy the story!
Enjoy Ryza and her friends' big summer adventure to your heart's content!

The difficulty setting "Very Easy" is available within the options menu. Some strong enemies are now easier to defeat, and any enemies that are defeated in battle will reward the player with more experience points and gold.