UPDATE 8.6.2023

The contest has ended. Thank you very much for all your entries.


In celebration of the Atelier Series 25th Anniversary, we are holding an "AtelierFanart2022" fan contest!
We are looking for cosplay and illustrations that express your love for your favorite titles and characters of the "Atelier" series!
The winners will be chosen by the development team and illustrators of the "Atelier" series and announced on the official Atelier Series 25th Anniversary site.
We look forward to seeing your wonderful works!

*Please note that the submitted works may be shown in live broadcasts.

Character design

3D model

Character design

How to submit entries

Send your artwork and photos to the following email address
Submissions by mail of actual three-dimensional objects such as figures will not be accepted. Instead, please submit a photograph of the work.

General Rules

Please send illustrations and photos in .jpg format with A4 dimensions, minimum 1200px (no restrictions on vertical or horizontal length.)
*When submitting via e-mail, please use a file transfer service, or, if your submission is smaller than 3MB, attach your work to the e-mail message.
When submitting your entry, please include the following information in the text of your e-mail.
1. Pen name (alias) (15 characters or less)
2. Title of your illustration or photo (15 characters or less)
3. Your country/region of residence (if you live outside of Japan)
Illustrations and photos created and published in the past are also acceptable!

*However, award-winning works of past Atelier contests are ineligible.

Awards for winning entries

Featured on the official website


Gust Prize x1

Original commendation plaque + set of 2 tapestries signed by the illustrators
(Atelier Sophie 2 B2 tapestry signed by NOCO, "Atelier" Series 25th Anniversary drawing B2 tapestry signed by Toridamono)

NOCO Prize x1

"Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream Official Visual Collection" signed by NOCO

Toridamono Prize x1

"Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Official Visual Collection" signed by Toridamono

Cosplay Prize x3

Atelier 25th Anniversary Goods Set
(25th Anniversary Mug + 25th Anniversary Tenugui Towel + 25th Anniversary Clear File)

Regional Prize x10

25th Anniversary Mug

One more thing!
There will be a random draw where 10 participants will receive a 25th anniversary clear file from among those who submitted!

Eligible Titles

Gust Prize, Cosplay Prize, Regional Prize: All titles in the "Atelier" series - Salburg series, Gramnad series, Iris series, Mana Khemia series, Arland series, Dusk series, Mysterious series, Secret series, "Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists", "Atelier Online".

Submission Period:

5 December, 2022 (Mon) 0:00 – 28 February, 2023 (Tue) 23:59

Entries submitted via email before December 5th will not be considered.

Precautions & Rules

Submission Precautions

  • - This campaign is looking for illustrations, cosplay photos, or physical recreations such as figures or sculptures of "Atelier" series characters. Please refrain from including characters that are not from the “Atelier” series, such as original creations or characters from other series.
  • - All entrants must be 18 year of age or older.
  • - Individuals under age will need their parent or legal guardian’s consent before entering the campaign.
  • - Multiple separate submissions are allowed. However, repeated submissions of the same content, submission without material content but only hashtags or any other submissions that Koei Tecmo deems inappropriate will not be eligible to enter the campaign.
  • - When submitting via e-mail, please use a file transfer service, or, if your submission is smaller than 3MB, attach your work to the e-mail message. Please note that any data that we receive will not be returned.
  • - Please refrain from giving the prize to another individual or selling/reselling the prize for financial gain.
  • - Winners will be contacted by email (scheduled for 3/2023).
  • - The details of this campaign are subject to change without advance notice.

Terms of Submissions

  • Please carefully read and agree to Privacy Policy, Submission Precautions and Terms of Submissions before making a submission. By making a submission of illustrations or photographs to this campaign, you are automatically deemed to have fully understood all terms and conditions of this campaign (including Privacy Policy) and agreed to comply with all of them.
  • - Any campaign winners that fall into the categories listed below may be ineligible to receive a prize from this campaign.
  • 1. Individuals that have breached any terms and conditions of this campaign.
  • 2. Individuals that have infringed or harmed, or are potentially guilty of infringing or harming Koei Tecmo, other entrants and/or a third party’s ownerships, intellectual properties property rights, reputation, credit, publicity rights, privacy and all other legal rights in or through its submission to this campaign.
  • 3. Individuals that have illegally or improperly disclosed or are potentially guilty of illegally or improperly disclosing any personal information in or through its submission to this campaign.
  • 4. Individuals that have performed any actions that is equivalent to racial discrimination, sexual discrimination and the like, or anything that causes or is likely to cause discomfort to third parties in or through its submission to this campaign.
  • 5. Individual guilty, or potentially guilty, of committing a crime, criminal activity or an immoral or unethical behavior in or through its submission to this campaign.
  • 6. Individuals intending to utilize this campaign for financial gain, political purpose or religious purpose in or through its submission to this campaign.
  • 7. Individuals that have made a submission irrelevant to the purpose of this campaign
  • 8. Individuals that have performed any actions that Koei Tecmo deems inappropriate in or through its submission to this campaign.
  • - Entrants must ensure that any artwork and cosplay photographs submitted are submissions created by the entrant and not created by others, nor has the artwork and/or cosplay photographs submitted are modifications of other people’s work. Any submissions found not to be originally created by the entrant will be disqualified.
  • - No votes in any form by users will be held and no prize or winner will be decided by such votes.
  • - All intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, of submitted posts or works shall be assigned to Koei Tecmo Games Co. Ltd. upon its submission to this campaign.
  • - Any of the submissions may be used in Koei Tecmo’s promotional or marketing activities, e.g. advertisement, displayed on any of the official Koei Tecmo group social media accounts, official website, live streams/broadcasts (including archived videos), and by making a submission you agree that you will not dispute the use of your submission by Koei Tecmo Games or their licensee and will not claim any of your moral rights of such submission toward the same.
  • - Entrants will be required to provide their physical address information for the purposes of sending out the awards. Personal information will only be used for the purposes of running this event, including contacting the entrant and/or sending prizes. Entrants' personal information will be maintained in accordance with the privacy policies of the Koei Tecmo group and may be kept for a certain period as deemed necessary. Entrants' personal information will not be offered to or shared with any third party without the consent of the entrant, except as required by law upon request by courts, government, or similar organization.
  • - We reserve the right to postpone or cancel this campaign at any time without advance warning. Koei Tecmo Group companies shall not be responsible for any incorrect or misdirected entries and accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage of any kind resulting from an entrant’s participation, or inability to participate, in this campaign.
  • - All terms and conditions of this campaign will be governed by Japanese laws and any disputes arising out of or in associated with any terms and conditions of this campaign shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court in Japan for the first instance.


We are grateful for all of the entries from all around the world! Here are the winning entries.

Gust Prize



Dev Team's Comment
Thank you for all the submissions for this contest! Every entry was so full of love for Atelier that it took us some time to select the winner...! Among them, we chose this one, which features all the main characters from the series. The memorial stamp-style design is also very moving and reminds us of the series' history. The entire development team will continue to work hard so that the Atelier series will continue to be enjoyed by everyone for a long time!

NOCO Prize



NOCO's Comment
The warmth of each other that Sophie and Plachta feel on top of the book of the beginning is amazing...! I was moved and a little teary-eyed by the composition of the long journey and above all, the expressions on their faces. Although there are many words such as "friendship" and "affection," I believe that the feelings these two share for each other are unique and cannot be found in any dictionary. Thank you very much for your precious illustration!

Toridamono Prize



Toridamono's Comment
To fit eleven people on one screen is a lot of work to begin with, yet each character's personality and characteristics are beautifully expressed in this illustration. I felt that this is a wonderful illustration that expresses love, and that is why I chose it! Thank you again for all the entries! I always have a hard time deciding which illustration to choose each time....

Cosplay Prize



Dev Team's Comment
Elie struggling to make a cheesecake! Even the struggle is realistically reproduced. This must be S+!


メルル:Akemi Shion 曉美シオン / Kinoko菌

Dev Team's Comment
As the title "Jealousy" suggests, they look a little standoffish. I wonder if Lias is jealous of Meruru...? This is a piece that makes me curious about the conversation.



Dev Team's Comment
This is truly a Plachta doll! It is amazing to see the high level of replication, from the posing to the way her hair flutters! The calm and somewhat inhuman atmosphere is also well represented.

Regional Prize

Friendship is the Key Ingredient




Band of Dusk










Thinking of You in the Twilight

Kari Avalon