What is Atelier Sophie?
A World where Nothing is the Same
Gust has a long history of producing the "Atelier" series,
and we have long thought about the next generation of the franchise.

We asked ourselves, "How can we make the series even more compelling and fun?"
and arrived at one conclusion, "We need to rebuild alchemy from the ground up."

"Atelier Sophie" was the result of our discussion.
We featured two brilliant illustrators: NOCO and Yuugen.
Their work, a new world that evolves with the passage of time,
and a rebuilt progression system based around alchemy,
have allowed us to bring Atelier to life in ways that were not possible before.

"Atelier Sophie" will become the new standard for the Atelier series.

It will be a new adventure, for all of us.
Lush trees rustle in the wind. Birds sing their songs with the morning sun,
and the light shines upon flowers growing along the roads.

The atmosphere on the edge of town is warm and gentle.
The sunlight filtering through trees spreads out like a tapestry of light and shade down a single path.
It leads to a small house where a girl lives.

She's cheerful and bright, though somewhat absentminded.
An ordinary girl you might find anywhere.
However, she possesses one special power that the townspeople do not have.

The mysterious power to mix several materials and create something entirely different: "Alchemy"...

Unfortunately, she continues to fail at an essential skill, Synthesis.
She reaches her limit, with no alchemy books to read, and no mentor to guide her.

But one day, the girl encounters a mysterious book that can move and talk on its own accord.
The book claims to be the "knowledge" of alchemy itself.
This meeting between a book and a young alchemist will become a quiet, yet certain, step forward.
A Journey to Restore
Memories of Alchemy
To use alchemy, one must lend an ear to the materials, hear their voices, and give form to their wishes.

In this game, Sophie's goal will be to use the power of alchemy to restore Plachta's memories,
which she has lost nearly all of.

Making good use of alchemy and writing new recipes into Plachta will gradually bring back her memories,
and memories of alchemy itself. When Plachta remembers that she was once human,
Sophie will have a new major goal to face.

That goal will be to make Plachta human again.
Merely a novice alchemist, this is the true beginning of Sophie's story.
The World Sophie Lives In
A World that Changes with Time
In Sophie's world, some creatures become active when it turns to morning, and hide when it gets dark.
The world of "Atelier Sophie" is alive, and the passage of time is one aspect that illustrates this.
Changes to the World
  • There are also materials that can only be gathered during morning, night, and other times.
  • Start Synthesis using the materials you gathered. Naturally, time will progress as you do this.
  • If you go outside at different times, you might meet people you normally wouldn't,
    or there could be changes to the shops around town...
  • Monsters are active at night, and you may encounter some that are much stronger than the ones during the day.
Living in a Changing World
In "Atelier Sophie", you can see the world change with the passage of time.
People around town have daily activities, and the time and weather can cause changes.
  • The Face of Day and Night
    How exactly do people's activities change with time and weather?
  • Enjoy Special Events
    Because time passes naturally in "Atelier Sophie", there are many events to enjoy in various places at different times.
    Try to find as many events as you can.
  • Be Careful During Night and Thunderstorms!
    During night and thunderstorms, monsters become very active, and powerful monsters that don't normally appear can show up.
    You might end up in danger if you relax thinking it'll be the same as usual...
  • The Face of Day and Night
    Just like how people change their activities according to time and weather,
    fields also have completely different faces during day and night.
Fun Gathering and Unexpected Discoveries
Gatherable materials in the same location can change depending on time and weather.
You might think it's going to be the same as usual, but then find materials you never even thought possible.
Changes like this are just part of the fun in the world of "Atelier Sophie".
Be Careful About Overworking Yourself!
As you continue to gather or fight, Sophie and her friends will grow more tired.
"Atelier Sophie" has a fatigue (LP) system, and LP will decrease as weariness from battle and gathering grows.
When too tired, Sophie and others will have reduced stats. However, gathering and fighting more lets you find better materials,
so its best to strike a balance and manage your LP carefully during adventures.
A Place Filled with Information
Kirchen Bell has a single café. An old gentleman named Horst manages it.
During the day it's open as a café, and at night it becomes a bar, so people go there at all times.
At the café you can accept work requests and listen to rumors which affect Sophie's life.
Bring Smiles to People with Requests!
  • When you clear promotion requests, you can accept more difficult requests with better rewards.
  • Requests are desires from the townspeople.
  • Most requests consist of slaying monsters or collecting items, and they all offer monetary rewards based on performance.
Check if Rumors are True
  • Besides requests, you can also listen to rumors from Horst.
  • Rumors give you valuable information, from never before seen monsters, to places where you can gather lots of materials.
A Day in the Life of Sophie!
Sophie does her best to learn alchemy every day, to help Plachta regain her memories.
Let's follow a day in the life of Sophie, and point out a few features of this game.
Today I'm going to travel pretty far with Monika and Oskar. I wonder what we'll find?
Moving on the world map costs LP, increasing fatigue. You should travel long distances when you have high LP.
You might even encounter surprises along the way!?
We reached our destination. Now then, let's do our best to gather stuff. I learned a new recipe from some materials I gathered!
Even if you gather all the items in a particular field, you can gather them again after some time passes.
Gathering in the same place over and over increases the number you find!
I'll try Synthesizing the new recipe with items I gathered! Plachta might even regain some memories.
During Synthesis, quality increases depending on the number of panels filled.
Effect will also increase if a panel is filled with the same color material.
I heard that some items can only be found at night! I'm a little tired, but maybe I should go outside...
Some valuable items can only be gathered at night!
Fierce monsters also appear at night, so keep LP and your allies' condition in mind when you go gathering at night!
A world absolutely brimming with life.
What discoveries could await during your travels?
Growth as an Alchemist
Become a Capable Alchemist!
After meeting Plachta, Sophie begins seriously studying alchemy.
At first, Synthesis and battles are rough, but Sophie gains more alchemy knowledge through recipe ideas.
Her strong desire to use alchemy to bring people happiness will become her greatest strength.
Sophie the Novice Alchemist
In the beginning, Sophie has little skill with alchemy, and feels uneasy as she learns alchemy from Plachta.
There are few items that she can make, and her abilities aren't that great, but through experience she's gradually able to make better items.
Sophie grows as she gains experience through Synthesis, gathering, and battles.
Having grown, Sophie is recognized as a capable alchemist, and she's given a new set of clothes as a sign of her new abilities. After putting on these special clothes, Sophie seeks to gain more knowledge of alchemy to help others, and rushes out into the world with a new outlook on life.
Sophie's Continued Growth
  • You also learn various new skills to use as you grow!
  • Sophie continues to write alchemy knowledge into Plachta, who gradually regains her memories. Sophie seeks more knowledge, in order to bring back further memories of alchemy locked deep within Plachta's mind.
  • After growing, Sophie can travel further and gather more.
  • Growth also makes more difficult Synthesis possible. As a result, she can come up with advanced recipes.
  • Powerful items created from advanced recipes allow you to challenge stronger monsters.
A Girl Grows Through Alchemy
As she studies alchemy, and meets many different people, how will Sophie develop?
A Meeting that Changes Everything
Supported by Many People
Sophie lived in her atelier by herself.
Her meeting with Plachta will change her life completely.
Sophie's best friends are her childhood friends, Monika and Oskar. When Sophie starts studying alchemy under Plachta's guidance, they help her in many ways.
Many other people besides Monika and Oskar help Sophie, as well.
With everyone supporting her, Sophie puts all her effort into studying alchemy to reclaim Plachta's memories, and pursue her dream to use alchemy to bring people happiness, just like her late grandmother.
  • Unchanged Feelings in Growth
    Sophie's dream is to bring people happiness using alchemy.
    After studying alchemy and growing significantly, her strong will still stands fast.
  • Fear of Loss
    As she gets to know alchemy, Sophie begins to fear its great power, and the possible price of failure.
    Sophie's desire not to lose Plachta makes her unsure at times.
  • Helping People with Alchemy
    Now that Sophie has started to learn alchemy in earnest, she wishes to use its power to fulfill the wishes of others.
  • Support Your Friends!
    Certain circumstances see Sophie cheering Monika on.
    Sophie's desire to support Monika, who's always helping her, is quite passionate.
Sophie of Many Faces
Sophie works hard to reach her goals. She wants to help people, and get Plachta's memories back.
Sophie experiences many things besides alchemy, with many different reactions and expressions.
Sophie's a Normal Girl too!
Sophie may seem like she's always cheerful and smiling, but she's also one to express her feelings rather frankly with her close friends.
She can show them another side of herself because she trusts them.
Sophie's always using alchemy, but she also takes an interest in playing the piano. After much practice, she's praised for her skill on the piano.
She gets just a little embarrassed by such compliments.
Opening Story Introduction
Everything Begins with a Single Meeting
The alchemist Sophie lives alone on the outskirts of the town of Kirchen Bell. She has a cheerful personality, and gets along well with her childhood friends, but she simply can't improve her fundamental alchemy skills.
One day, to fulfill her childhood friend Monika's request, she finds a book with some medicine recipes in it...
  • Plachta had forgotten nearly everything besides her name, but decides to use her knowledge of alchemy to teach Sophie.
    This is the start of a strange new life for the two.
  • Sophie practices alchemy alone in her atelier. However, her self-study seems to produce only failure.
  • Monika visits the atelier one day, and Sophie decides to fulfill a request to Synthesize medicine.
    Using one of her grandmother's books, Sophie somehow manages to make it.
  • After delivering the medicine and returning to her atelier, Sophie finds the book floating in the air, and it even starts talking.
    Sophie begins to panic, while the book calmly introduces itself as "Plachta".
Returning Memories and Close Bonds
Plachta had lost her memories, but after Sophie discovers that writing alchemy recipes into Plachta slowly restores them, she works hard to continue. Sophie and Plachta's bonds grow deeper as her memories gradually return.
After learning that Plachta was once human, Sophie decides to return Plachta to her previous form.
  • After hearing that Plachta was once human, Sophie starts to think about turning Plachta back to her former self.
    One day, she comes up with a rather bold idea of moving Plachta's soul into a doll.
  • Having discovered that writing recipes into Plachta restores her memories, Sophie is more motivated than ever.
    She comes up with recipes one after another.
  • Plachta's memories gradually become more clear. Among those memories were some where Plachta was once human.
  • When Plachta asks Sophie why she's studying alchemy, Sophie answers honestly:
    She wants to help people, just like her grandmother did.
Giving Plachta Human Form
Moving Plachta's soul into a doll is no easy task. To make her bold idea a reality, Sophie seeks the help of many people. Even those who are unwilling to help at first decide to lend a hand, after seeing Sophie's diligent efforts.
Will Sophie's hard work pay off?
  • With the doll complete, Sophie learns about how to make the final component from Julio.
    She must brave powerful monsters to make Plachta human again.
  • Sophie wants new clothes for Plachta to wear. After hearing Sophie's thoughts, Leon promises to make the greatest clothes for her.
  • Harol refuses to make the parts necessary to allow the doll to move, but after seeing Sophie's determination, he decides to lend a hand.
    He hadn't been serious about clock making for a long time, but he puts in his best effort.
  • Fritz completes the doll that will form Plachta's body. Quite contrary to his usual image, Fritz seems unbelievably excited.
A New Form, and a New Story
With the help of many people, Sophie finally succeeds in returning Plachta to human form.
Along with this new form will begin a new story for the two of them.
Thoughts and Wishes Take Shape
  • Plachta finally regains human form. However, Sophie's goal is to return all of Plachta's memories.
    Sophie renews her determination.
  • Sophie moves Plachta's soul into the completed doll.
    The thoughts of many people have gone into this moment.
  • Sophie was worried that she might end up failing.
    Plachta tells her honestly that she believed in Sophie, and had no worries at all.
When Memories Become Reality
Plachta's memories return more and more in depth after taking human form.
However, many of these memories are worrying ones, which may have been better off forgotten.
When those memories become reality, they will have to face further trials.
Seize Victory!
All of Sophie's allies can use the items she creates through alchemy in battle.
Even if you find yourself in a pinch, special attacks powered by their bonds can cause an instant turn around!
Flow of Battle
  • 5. Turn Things Around with Special Attacks!
    If multiple allies are in the same stance, they can use more powerful "Special Attacks" or "Special Guards" through Chain Links! Their power and effectiveness are top tier!
  • 1. Preemptive Attack on Monsters!
    If you use a preemptive attack on monsters roaming in the field, you will start battle with an advantage!
  • 2. Stances are Vital!
    When battle begins, you will select the actions of your allies, and set either "Offense" or "Defense" support stances.
  • 3. Make Full Use of Items!
    The power of items is immense, from attacking monsters, to healing allies.
    Each ally can only use certain items, so make appropriate use of them when challenging monsters!
  • 4. Chain Link Activate!
    As you attack with items and skills, the Chain Gauge will fill.
    This allows them to activate "Chain Links", where allies will help each other offensively or defensively.
Battle Points
Besides using items and Chain Links, knowing a few other points can make your battles much easier.
We'll introduce some of these points here!
  • Increase Item Area of Effect!
    Items with increased effect area from Synthesis can attack more monsters at once, filling the Chain Gauge further.
    Putting this effect on various items will definitely make them more useful for both attacking and recovery!
  • Speed Up Battles!
    If you press a certain button during battle, you can speed up the action.
    Enjoy battles at your most comfortable pace.
  • Assign Items to Others!
    Sophie can use every item, but she has a limit to how many she can carry. All party members can carry and use some items in this game, so assign recovery, support, and other items to each member to gain an advantage in battle.
  • Make Full Use of Stances!
    Stances determine your style of support. "Defense Stance" should be used against bosses with powerful attacks, or unknown monsters. "Offense Stance" can be used to quickly dispatch enemies, allowing you to gather materials fast.
  • Go for Breaks!
    If you continue to attack a monster, you can stun it with a "Break". While Broken, attacks will always be critical hits.
    You'll deal huge damage if you use a special attack!
  • Fill the Chain Gauge Quick!
    The Chain Gauge fills through various methods, but using skills and items is the fastest way!
    Fill the Chain Gauge quickly to activate lots of Chain Links.
Use Unique and Impressive Skills!
Each character has their own unique skills and special attacks to use. They're your trump card in battle!
  • Julio: Temple Sword
  • Plachta: Two Hander
  • Leon: Scar Needle
Check This Out!
Items can have their own unique animations.
These detailed item animations bring more excitement to battle!
Impressive Special Attacks
  • Corneria: Latent Reduction
  • Plachta: Etherbraum
  • Oskar: Harvestamp
  • Monika: Valkyrie Rondo
  • Julio: Cross End Cross
  • Leon: Guilty Lancer
  • Harol: Burst Rush
  • Fritz: Twin Blade Star Slash
Logical Turn Battles
In this game, you will input commands for all party members before each turn. Once actions are set, they cannot be changed until everyone has taken their action, so it's important to plan out your strategy as you progress.
Decide on All Actions!
When battle starts, you will select actions for all party members. After this is done, characters will take their turns as displayed on the left hand gauge, starting from the top. The order is determined by each character's speed and action.
Use Each Character's Unique Skills
Each character has different combat skills.
Effects can vary greatly: some damage monsters, while others support allies.
Skills require MP to use.
Support with Items!
In this game, all party members can use items.
This greatly expands the scope of battle!
Everyone Can Use Items!
One of the appeals of battles in this game is that every character can use items.
Only Sophie, as the alchemist, can use every single item,
but the differences in equip-able items between other characters deepens strategies.
Each character can use different types of items.
The characters you choose to fight with will greatly change your strategy.
Defend Allies, and Follow Up Attacks
Allies can help each other, from following up each other's attacks,
to shielding each other from the enemy.
Support actions are another charm of battles in this game.
Stances are Important for Support!
In battle, when you select actions before a turn, you can also select a support "Stance".
Stances will specialize a character in either offensive or defensive support,
greatly changing their support style.
For example, if you select "Defense Stance", that character will automatically shield allies from enemy attacks.
You can change stances at will each turn.
Plachta Joins the Battle
Plachta gradually regains her memories as Sophie writes recipes into her.
One day, she remembers a certain event in her past.
It was a memory of fighting something, long ago.
  • The Alchemic Drive Weapon is completed thanks to Sophie's help.
    Plachta makes use of this weapon to lend aid to Sophie and her friends in battle.
  • Plachta could remember fighting in her past.
    However, she couldn't remember who or what she was fighting, or why she was doing so.
  • Simply recalling this memory is enough to make Plachta feel uneasy.
    She hopes that it's just a needless worry, but she prepares to fight regardless.
  • While Plachta tries to find a way to fight, she can't make the tools necessary with her current body.
    She asks Sophie for her help.
Due to anxiety from a memory of her past, and her desire to help Sophie, Plachta joins the party as a battle member.
She fights monsters using a machine called an Alchemic Drive Weapon.
  • Command of Many Skills
    Besides attacking with her Alchemic Drive Weapon, Plachta can use various other skills, such as casting magic-like skills from her book.
  • Plachta's Will Drives Her Weapon
    The Alchemic Drive Weapon takes the form of giant arms guarding Plachta.
    They can perform various attacks in place of Plachta herself.
  • An Item Specialist!
    As one with deep knowledge of alchemy, Plachta can use many items in battle, rivaling Sophie.
  • Command of Many Skills
    Plachta uses the Alchemic Drive Weapon, firing lasers from its fingertips at monsters.
    Plachta herself isn't very strong, but her weapon brings ruin to all before her.
  • Command of Many Skills
    The skill "Erase" can neutralize all enemy enhancements.
    Plachta excels at offense, as well as support.
Coordinate Chain Links
After attacking monsters alongside each other and strengthening their bonds, allies can use cooperative support abilities called Chain Links. There are various types of support abilities, from dealing large damage to monsters, to greatly reducing damage taken from monster attacks.
Using Chain Links
Select the Same Stance
Cooperate and Fill the Gauge
To use a Chain Link, you must select the same stances.
The magic circles under characters show connections, giving you a quick view of who's in the same stance.
Chain Links will activate when the gauge in the bottom left fills up.
Attacking monsters, and using items and skills, will fill up the gauge, while receiving attacks will decrease it.
Chain Link Types
Offense Act
Defense Act
A cooperative attack by two party members, when the Chain Link Gauge has reached a certain point.
Performs a stronger attack than a normal support attack.
A cooperative guard that activates when all members are in defense stance, and the Chain Link Gauge has reached a certain point.
It can reduce damage from monsters, heal HP, and other supportive effects.
When the Chain Link Gauge has filled to maximum, special support abilities can be used.
Each character has their own unique "Special Attack" to deal huge damage to the enemy, and a "Special Guard"
that provides benefits during the entire battle. You can expect both to turn the tides of battle.
Three Member Cooperative Special Attack
  • By filling the Chain Link Gauge to maximum, and selecting the same stance for everyone, a special support ability called a Special Attack will activate.
  • Two characters will attack first, and the last will follow up with a unique skill to attack the enemy.
A Profusion of Knowledge! "Law of Profusion"
Sophie's Special Attack is "Law of Profusion".
She summons countless alchemy books, then fires a huge laser at the enemy to deal massive damage.
Absolute Guard! Special Guard
Just like a Special Attack, a Special Guard can be used when the gauge hits maximum.
This activates a field to affect the entire battle, giving you an advantage.
Group Requests
Make Tons of Money with Group Requests
Requests are desires from the townspeople.
"Group Requests" are several requests from the same area combined into one. Their appeal is their very high reward.
When you complete these requests, you also receive "Vouchers" that can be exchanged for various items.
What are Group Requests?
Group Requests
Group Request Merits
A Group Request is several requests from the same area gathered into one.
They can include gathering, or slaying monsters in an area.
This allows for efficient clearing of many requests at once.
Group Requests offer higher rewards than normal requests.
You can also receive bonuses such as Vouchers when completing them.
Exchange Vouchers for Various Items
Vouchers received for clearing certain requests and group requests can be traded for various items. Some of these items are quite special...
You need money to fund your adventures.
Complete requests to make tons of money. If you complete requests, people around town may start to trust you more, too.

"Puni Level Alchemy...
 E-Even I could understand this...!"

Sophie Neuenmuller

Height: 154cm, Occupation: Alchemist

This game's heroine.
She runs an atelier on the outskirts of the town of Kirchen Bell.

She has a bright and cheerful personality,
calming everyone around her, but she's also a slacker
when it comes to keeping time, among other things.

She loves alchemy, and feels happy when she's able to help others with it.

While she's unmatched when it comes to curiosity and effort relating to alchemy,
she doesn't do any housework, and especially leaves cleaning up to other people.

"I don't believe any power is
 as simple as alchemy."


Height: 152cm, Occupation: Book

An old book kept by Sophie's grandmother, stuffed away on a bookshelf in the atelier.
She awakens when Sophie writes a recipe into the book,
and becomes Sophie's alchemy teacher.

Certain events lead to her taking human form, but her personality remains unchanged,
and she continues to give Sophie alchemy related advice.

She's completely hopeless when it comes to anything besides alchemy,
and causes trouble for people when she walks around town and makes ambiguous statements.

She's generally cool headed and composed, but she can be unexpectedly bold at times.
After taking human form, she begins to remember a certain duty.

"If you're troubled by anything,
 just let me know. I'll help."

Monika Ellmenreich

Height: 163cm, Occupation: Church Volunteer

Sophie's best friend.
She was born into a decently well off family,
and she's a talented girl capable in both studies and fencing.
She's very serious about everything, and acts politely.

She and Sophie are childhood friends,
and while she's always pointing out Sophie's faults,
she's also very willing to help.

She actually has quite a liking for singing,
and can be found practicing in secret at times.
She often visits Sophie's house to eat sweets,
but she also cleans the place up in exchange.

"I came here to observe the plants.
 The plants around here tell some interesting stories."

Oskar Behlmer

Height: 165cm, Occupation: Grocer

Sophie's best friend, and the son of a grocer.

He's an optimistic guy who doesn't care about minor details.
He has a special ability to hear the voices of plants,
and his knowledge of plants is also vast.

Oskar loves plants, and he's quite passionate when it comes to them.
He's lazy when it comes to exercise.
He's always filled with confidence, but caves in rather easily.

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