Mt. Hikami,”infamously known as the “mountain of death” ...
The protagonists of this story investigate a number of locations
in order to find people who vanished after coming to this mountain.
Attempt to repel encroaching ghosts, relying only on faint glow from a torch and a camera
with the ability to photograph unimaginable things, the Camera Obscura.

Camera Obscura

An old camera with the ability to repel vengeful ghosts and seal away their power by photographing them.
Equip stronger lenses and change out different films to capture even more powerful photos.
Reveal "things that cannot be seen" to find clues that will help in discovery of lost things.
The fragments expelled from vengeful ghosts when being photographed, Spirit Fragments,
along with taking pictures of them at close range, a Fatal Frame, will deal even more damage to these ghouls.

Shadow Reading

Tokens are unique items left behind by people and things that disappear in the area surrounding Mt. Hikami.
Utilize the characters' special power, Shadow Reading, by touching Tokens
in order to sense shadows of the past, known as Traces.

Search for these white floating shadows of the past and look for
the people who have disappeared to uncover the mysteries of Mt. Hikami.


An ability to understand the reason a vengeful ghost died by coming into contact with them when they are vanishing.
Coming into contact with items of interest during exploration may turn into phatom encounters …
As the protagonists continue their search, what fate awaits them as they continue to uncover the truth behind this mystery?

New Photo Mode

Pose characters and ghosts, place them freely for haunting memories in the newly added photo mode;
perhaps even take a picture of a real ghost by accident ...

New Costumes NEW

The original lineup of costumes has been slightly altered, and new costumes for Yuri, Miu and Ren have been added.
Change the characters' costumes to experience investigation in different ways.

New Costumes List
  • ◆ Yuri Costume: Punk Ensemble
    ◆ Yuri Costume: Cutesy Goth Ensemble (Black)
    ◆ Yuri Costume: Swimsuit (Blue)
    ◆ Yuri Costume: Triathlon Suit
    ◆ Miu Costume: Miku Hinasaki Outfit (The Tormented)
  • ◆ Miu Costume: Cutesy Goth Ensemble (White)
    ◆ Miu Costume: Swimsuit (Yellow)
    ◆ Miu Costume: Swimsuit (Pink)
    ◆ Ren Costume: Groom's Outfit
New Accessories List
  • ◆ Yuri Costume: White Lily
    ◆ Yuri Costume: Black Lily
    ◆ Miu Costume: White Lily
    ◆ Miu Costume: Black Lily
  • ◆ Yuri Costume: Maid's Hairband
    ◆ Miu Costume: Maid's Hairband
    ◆ Yuri Costume: "In This Cage" Ring
    ◆ Miu Costume: "In This Cage" Ring

Post-Game: after finishing the story…

Unlock special missions where you can play as Ayane, a character from the NINJA GAIDEN series.

The secret mission Ayane Chapter can be played once all sections of the main story from “First Drop” to “Last Drop” have been completed. The main character Ayane is a Kunoichi from the Hajinmon sect of the Mugen Tenshin clan. In contrast to Yuri and Miu, she is unable to use the Camera Obscura. However, she is able to make full use of her ninja abilities and is adept at working under the cover of night. She can hide from view and avoid the ghosts in order to accomplish her mission. Enjoy a fresh kind of playstyle through this unique chapter.