A new style of Musou gameplay

By exploring the expansive field, players can enjoy a variety of elements that can only be experienced in an open world game such as sudden small scale battles between forces; obtaining materials through hunting and fishing; encountering various animals; and discovering famous landmarks of China.
Visiting cities and villages located throughout the field will allow for buying and/or selling weapons and items, as well as obtaining useful information from villagers.
Players can freely roam throughout China, enjoying various encounters and scenery while proceeding through the game.
By hunting certain animals encountered, players can obtain materials for accessories that will help strengthen the player officer.
At times dangerous carnivorous beasts are encountered. Though they are formidable beasts, defeat them to obtain materials for accessories.
Fishing along the rivers can provide materials such as food.
Famous structures such as the Great Wall of China can be found.
Along the way are villages in need of help.
When "waymarks" situated on the field are touched, they will show the location of landmarks in the surrounding area.

Exploring and Collecting

Among the trees lining the pathways are watchtowers. If you find one, be sure to climb up it to gather information about the surrounding area.
By looking out at the surrounding area from the watchtower, information covering a wide area will become available, providing valuable information for missions and exploring.
In the forests, mountain ranges and waterfronts far from pathways are clusters of land where materials can be found. Rare items can be obtained, so discovering these clusters will assist in effectively advancing the crafting of weapons and items.
By setting box traps and leaving them for a certain amount of time, items such as tools can be obtained. There are three sizes of traps (large, medium and small) and bigger traps increase the chances of obtaining more valuable items.
At fishing holes located in cities, materials and coins can be obtained.
Wild animals such as wolves and bears can be hunted. Crafting arrows most effective against wild animals will aid in mastering the art of the hunt.
Hunting Points are earned from hunting, and rewards such as coins and gems can be obtained from the Dilettante according to the Hunting Points earned.
In order to craft weapons and items, it is necessary to collect scrolls which list the required materials. Scrolls are divided into several parts and once completed, crafting becomes possible. Scrolls are rewarded for completing missions, and may be dropped by defeated enemies.
New items and weapons can be crafted once the materials listed on the scrolls are acquired.
Higher ranked weapons can also be crafted by collecting the materials listed on scrolls.


Players can begin the game with a horse with low abilities, but horses with higher abilities can be purchased at the stables found in cities and villages. Once a horse is purchased, it can be selected at any time by going to the stables.
Horses of various colors are available, including the famous Red Hare.
Horses can develop by riding them for long distances, attacking enemies while on horseback, etc. Benefit by taking the time to nurture a horse that suits you.

Cities and Villages

Horses can be purchased at stables. Players will want to find the right steed to travel effectively across far distances.
Ancient money found on the fields can be exchanged for valuable items at the Coin Collector.
At the Blacksmith, weapons can be bought and sold, and weapons and items can be created here using obtained materials. The material requirements are written on scrolls, which can be earned as rewards from missions.
At the Teahouse, food can be purchased for temporary benefits such as increasing experience earned, raising Attack or increasing Speed and Jump ability. Materials needed for cooking can also be confirmed at the Teahouse.


On the field there are empty houses which the player officer can purchase and use as a 'Hideaway.' Players can own Hideaway in various areas.
An excellent property in a good location, within walking distance to the major city Luoyang.
A popular property located in the vicinity of China's most scenic valleys of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong.
A peculiar property where you can overlook the mountain base from the top of Mount Hua, one of the Five Great Mountains of China.
After purchasing a Hideaway, invitations can be sent to officers you have a relationship with.
An invited officer visits. They may arrive dressed in informal clothes.
Furniture can be rearranged in the Hideaway. By arranging furniture, various functions become available.
Create an environment that is advantageous for proceeding throughout the game; for example, a stove allows for cooking, a pot enables item crafting, and a bed restores health.
There is also a wardrobe to change costumes and a Bronze Gong to change the background music, so players can arrange the various furniture and accessories to create a room of their liking.
Furniture can be obtained from the Coin Collector or Trading Post located in cities and villages.

Encountering Powerful Enemies

While moving across the land, players may encounter bandits so powerful that they appear immune to the players' attacks.
Defeating powerful enemies can result in earning more valuable items.
A black wolf appears. When confronted by powerful wild beasts, escaping may be the wisest option.
A rare blue-tinted tiger. Its mystical look is a sight to behold, but do not get too mesmerized by it - you may lose your life if you don't pay attention to your surroundings.
A bear with white fur. A single hit from its mighty paws will inevitably result in major damage.

A chance to meet famous officers in informal clothes!?

Famous officers may appear in cities and villages dressed in informal clothes, showing different sides of these officers separate from their common battlefield wear, as well as the chance for unique conversations.
Each famous officer will have an informal outfit, so seek out each officer by visiting cities and villages on a regular basis!