Search Mode

Viewing the Search Mode Screen

Turning on Search Mode will make it harder for enemies to find you, but will also prevent you from running.

Command: Toggle Search Mode
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
✕ボタン Bボタン Space Bボタン
1Enemy Aggro Range

Shows the range at which enemies will start pursuing you. They will notice you when you enter the red area.

2 Mini-Map (Search Mode)

Enemies' aggro range will be displayed on the mini-map during Search Mode.

Location and Direction

Enemy and Enemy Aggro Range

Back Attack

Swinging your weapon and hitting an enemy that hasn't noticed you is called a Back Attack. Enemies that have been Back Attacked will be easier to Knockdown, and will begin battle with less HP than usual.

Command: Swing
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
□ボタン Yボタン Left-click Xボタン