You can find materials and items, as well as fight battles in the Heartscape.

Blocked Areas

Some areas in the Heartscape will be blocked off.
Blocked areas can be opened by using items or by raising the characters' Talent Levels.

Returning to the School

Pressing the specified button from the Heartscape map screen will return you to the school.

Command: Return to School
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
方向キー下 方向ボタン下 B 方向パッド下

Viewing the Heartscape Screen

1 Collection Points

Use these to gain materials and items. Approach the point and press the button to use it..

Command: Examine
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
○ボタン Aボタン E Aボタン
Types of Collection Points

Rare Collection Points
(Number of items you can collect increases.)

Memory Collection Points


Touching an enemy will begin battle. Starting a battle by hitting an enemy with your weapon will put you at an advantage.

Command: Swing
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
□ボタン Yボタン Left-click Xボタン
3 Hints

A guide to your destination. You can use hints for story quests and some requests.
You can turn hints on and off in the Requests or Summary section of the Main Menu.

4 New Talent Icon

Characters that can learn new talents will have this mark.
Opening the Talents section of the Main Menu and selecting that character will erase the mark.

5 FreeSpace! Messages

This mark will be displayed when receiving new messages on FreeSpace!.
Opening FreeSpace! and checking the message will erase the mark.


Your objective to advance the story will be displayed.


A map of the area around you. Your current position and the position of enemies will be displayed.