What Are Talents?

Each character possesses hidden abilities called Talents.
You can use TP to unlock them.
TP can be earned from requests, date events, and so on.

Ao gains TP as other characters' Talent Levels increase.

Learning Talents

Talents can be learned in the Talents section of the Main Menu.
Talents are categorized into four different Talent Types. Locked Talent Types can be unlocked by progressing through the story or deepening that character's relationships.

1Talent Levels

The current Talent Level and the amount of TP required to move up to the next level.

2 Talent Type

The four different Talent Types.

3Talent List

Locked Talents will be displayed as ???. Learned Talents will be marked as Learned.

Talent Levels

A character's Talent Level will increase when a certain amount of TP has been accumulated.
You will receive various rewards as the characters' Talent Levels increase. You can also learn new Talent Skills or upgrade existing ones.