What Are Fragments?

By having characters equip Fragments, they will gain various effects.
You can obtain them on dates.

You can also sometimes obtain them in situations other than dates.

Equipping Fragments

You can equip Fragments from "Fragments" on the Main Menu.

1 Fragment Slots

Slots that correspond to the size of Fragments. The white color indicates available space.
You can increase Fragment Slots through Talents (up to 10).

2 Effect Types

There are 7 types of effects.

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Recovery
  • One-on-One
  • Support
  • Skill
  • Permanent
3 Size

The number of slots required depends on size.
If the size is large, more slots are required, but the effects will be more powerful.

4 Active Gear

Gears activate the effects of Fragments during battle. When you reach the Active Gear or a higher gear, the effects of the Fragment will be activated.
Larger gears take longer to activate, but their effects are more powerful.