Battle Tips

Use Items

Use items to heal your allies and disrupt enemies to gain a huge advantage.
Be sure to make use of the items you craft.

Be Aware of the Timeline

Keep your eye on the Timeline and gain the upper hand by knowing who moves when.

Raise Your Ether Recovery Speed

Raise your Ether Recovery Speed to attack more often.
Your Ether Recovery Speed will rise each time you use a skill. Be sure to use them whenever you can.

Keep an Eye on the Enemy

Attacking an enemy multiple times in a row will cause a Knockdown. Knockdown will cause the target to lose all stored Ether, and their Ether Recovery Rate to lower.
Try interrupting your enemy's combo to avoid being knocked down yourself. Be sure to keep an eye on the Timeline.

Watch Your Ether Limit

Ally icons will stop moving across the Timeline once you have reached the Ether limit.
Make sure to use skills so your allies' icons don't stop.

Shift Up Your Gear

Once a character's Ether Recovery Speed hits a certain level, their Gear will shift up.
There are 5 gears, with progressively increased Ether limits. The more Ether you have, the more skills you will be able to use.
As your Gear raises, Fragment effects will be activated. The higher the Gear, the more powerful the Fragment that will activate.

The initial maximum Gear limit is 3. This can be increased by raising the characters' Talent Levels.

Activate Ether Tide

Ether Tide is a powerful special skill unique to each character.
You can activate it once your combo count reaches 15. Try to rack up your combo so you can use Ether Tide.
Using Ether Tide will reset your combo count to 0.

Proceed through the story to unlock Ether Tide.


Some attack skills have certain attributes.
Using a skill with an attribute that the enemy is weak to will increase the damage dealt and push the enemy back slightly on the Timeline. Use attributes to your advantage by choosing your attacks based on your enemies' weaknesses.

Not all attack skills have attributes.

Attribute Icons
  • Slash
  • Pierce
  • Shock
  • Tremor
  • Warp

Support Effects and Status

Some skills inflict status ailments upon enemies, while others grant support effects to your allies.
Use these skills wisely to gain the upper hand in battle.

Types of Status Ailments
Paralysis Prevents actions from being taken.
Poison Inflicts damage over time.
Blind Increases probability that attacks will miss.
Slow Decreases Ether recovery speed.
Curse Stops all HP recovery.
Bleed Inflicts damage over time. Effects do not subside over time.

Take Advantage of Supporters

Supporters offer support to their allies in battle.
You can manage your Supporter formation in the Party section of the Main Menu.

Proceed through the story to unlock Supporters.

Support Order

The support skills that can be activated by Supporters are called support orders.
They are automatically activated when the required number of Order Ring cycles and the activation conditions for each skill have been met.

Proceed through the story to unlock support orders.

Supporter Menu

If your Supporter formation has been set, the Supporter Menu will be displayed during battle.
Supporters can do things like use items and switch places with characters in battle.

A character who has fallen in battle can be swapped out for a Supporter, but they will not be able to use items or activate support orders.

Use Item

You can have a Supporter use an item by choosing the item in the Supporter Menu.
Once an item has been selected, it will be used after 1 cycle through the Order Ring.

About One-on-One

During battle, you may enter One-on-One, a special type of battle in which one character faces off against a single enemy.
If you win the One-on-One Battle, the character will unleash a powerful attack called a One-on-One Finisher, and your combo count will carry over to the normal battle.

One-on-One cannot be activated with certain enemies.

One-on-One Battle Start Conditions
  • Break through all of the enemy's barriers.

Some enemies will create a barrier when in Knockdown, and breaking all of them will initiate a One-on-One.

  • Some enemies might initiate a One-on-One when their HP is reduced to a certain level.
One-on-One Battle Win and End Conditions
Win Conditions
  • Achieve a combo count of 10 or more within the time limit.
  • Reduce the enemy's HP to 0.
End Conditions
  • The ally's HP or their barrier's HP is reduced to 0.
  • Time runs out before a certain combo count has been achieved.
Viewing the One-on-One Battle Screen
1 Damage / Damage Multiplier / Combo Count

Combo count specific to the One-on-One Battle.
An icon will appear when the combo count required for a One-on-One Finisher has been reached.

One-on-One Finisher


Attack Skill Support Skill Counter Dodge Retreat
○ボタン △ボタン □ボタン ✕ボタン Hold タッチパッドボタン
Nintendo Switch™
Attack Skill Support Skill Counter Dodge Retreat
Aボタン Xボタン Yボタン Bボタン Hold -ボタン
Attack Skill Support Skill Counter Dodge Retreat
Aボタン Yボタン Xボタン Bボタン Hold SELECTボタン
E W S D Hold R
3Ally HP / Barrier HP

Barrier HP is only displayed when the One-on-One Battle is ally-initiated.
The ally's HP appears in green; the barrier's HP appears in yellow.

4 Time Limit

One-on-One will end when the yellow bar is depleted.

5Enemy Icon

Moves from right to left. When the icon reaches the left end, the enemy will attack.