You can take on requests by talking to characters with this mark: .

Completing someone's request will grant TP (Talent Points) to both Ao and that character. You can also get things like items.
You can view the requests you've taken from the Requests section of the Main Menu. Pressing the specified button will open Summaries/Requests.

Types of Requests

These are the types of requests:

Ask Around

Talk to a specified character or go to a specified location.


Deliver a specified item.


Craft a specified item with a specified character.


Defeat a certain number of a specified enemy.

School Development

Build a specified facility.

Stealth Missions

Make your way to the destination without being seen by the enemy.

What are Stealth Missions?

Special missions where you must make your way to a destination in a Heartscape without being seen by the enemy.
After receiving a mission, go to the specified location in the Heartscape to begin.
In the event you are found by the enemy, you will be returned to the starting point or a checkpoint. If you leave the specified location, you will have to start from the beginning when you come back.

There are no limits on attempts for Stealth Missions.