Additional strategies with new geographical advantages and nomadic tribes

New geographical advantages will be assigned to each province, so the strategies gamers will be able to choose from will vary dramatically depending on which provinces are conquered. For example: Conquering Qing Province expands the area you conquer, while conquering Yo Province allows you to open up trade with the nomadic tribe of the region, making the order of which province you conquer first now vitally important.
In addition, foreign cities will also appear on the map, requiring intense strategizing on whether to fight or form friendships with them.

A series first! Trade with Eurasia!

Trade with great Eurasian empires that existed during the same era, such as Rome and India, to earn specialties and tactics resulting in various benefits.

An all-new campaign: “War Chronicles Mode”

The all-new campaign “War Chronicles Mode” allows players to enjoy famous events from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Test your skills in these short scenarios consisting of limited forces and maps, and view results such as score and the number of turns used to clear the campaign.

Further powered up! New characteristics and tactics

The addition of new characteristics and special tactics make the already alluring officers of the Three Kingdoms appear with greater charisma.
More functionalities are also planned, including new buildings for specific topography, and a calendar allowing players to reflect on previous activities in the game.

About RTK14

The latest entry in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2020.
Everything from war to diplomatic affairs will be geared toward managing and gathering land as players attempt to spread their strategies at will across the vast China map. Aim to unify China with over 1,000 officers with different "character" traits at your command!
PlayStation®4/Steam® Available now
RTK14 website
OS Windows®10/8.1 日本語版 64bit
CPU 【必須】Intel Core i3-3220(3.0GHz以上) 【推奨】Intel Core i7-3770(3.0GHz以上)
メモリ 【必須】4GB以上 【推奨】8GB以上
ビデオカード DirectX11互換ビデオカード
【必須】NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 以上 【推奨】NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 以上

GeForce RTX 2070GeForce RTX 2060GeForce GTX 1660 TiGeForce GTX 1650
GeForce GTX 1070 TiGeForce GTX 1070GeForce GTX 1060GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
GeForce GTX 1050GeForce GTX 980GeForce GTX 970GeForce GTX 960
GeForce GTX 780GeForce GTX 770GeForce GTX 760GeForce GTX 750 Ti
GeForce GTX 680GeForce GTX 660
Radeon RX Vega 64Radeon RX 590Radeon RX 580Radeon RX 570
Radeon RX 470Radeon R9 280Radeon R9 270XRadeon R7 360
Radeon HD 8770Radeon HD 7870Radeon HD 7850
HDD 空き容量 30GB以上
ディスプレイ 【必須】1280 x 720 ピクセル以上 【推奨】1920 x 1080 ピクセル以上
  • DVDドライブ(パッケージ版)
  • ネットワーク接続環境必須
※本ソフトはDirectX 11を使用しています。お客様の動作環境によっては、専用のドライバーが必要となることがあります。その場合は、ハードメーカーにご確認の上、お客様の責任において、ご使用の機種に対応したドライバーをハードメーカーより入手し、組み込んでいただく必要があります。
※効果音・BGMをお楽しみいただくには、<16bitステレオ 48 KHz WAVE形式>が再生可能なサウンドカードが必要です。 また、5.1CHサラウンドをお楽しみいただくには<16bit 5.1chサラウンド48KHzWAVE形式>が再生可能なサウンドカードが必要となります。
※Boot CampなどMacintoshで起動しているWindows・エミュレーションソフト・仮想ドライブ・SCSIドライブでは正常に動作しません。