Atelier Ryza’s Download Contents

UPDATE 14/1/2020

Additional Stories

Character Stories

Play as specific characters to explore their own special stories and learn their secret thoughts!

Release date: - Tao's Story, Lent's Story (19th November)
- Empel & Lila's Story (17th December)
- Klaudia's Story (14th January)

After Empel and Lila arrived at Kurken Island, Ryza's life started becoming livelier than it ever had been before.

One day, while Ryza was hanging out with Lent and Tao on Kurken Island as usual, they happened upon a mysterious piece of metal.

Wondering what it was, Ryza headed off to go and ask Empel.
Upon doing so, she learned that she might have discovered something big.

Wanting to know the whole truth, Ryza rushed about the island, getting into a few arguments along the way, until she eventually came up with an idea...

Even after he began adventuring with Ryza and the others, Lent never missed a day practicing the sword techniques he was learning from Lila.

Though they had defeated the dragon of the old castle, Lent constantly wondered in his heart whether he had really become stronger...
He couldn't stop himself from wondering, was it only the power of Ryza's alchemy that was truly strong...?

Then, one day, Lent heard rumors that monsters had once again begun appearing in the old castle.

He decided that he would defeat the monsters without Ryza, to see for himself whether he had really become stronger or not.

As he snuck off, he happened upon Tao, and together, two fighters who couldn't use alchemy embarked on an adventure.

After Ryza and friends finished their adventure, Lila and Empel continued their travels, and eventually discovered a new "gate" in a new region.
As usual, in order to seal the "gate", they began surveying the surrounding area. While doing so, they once again stumbled upon another gate to the Underworld.

After passing through the gate, they yet again found various relics of the Klint Kingdom.

The two of them paid no heed to them, but after they ventured deep into the depths of the Underworld, Empel suddenly began having a mysterious headache.

Though they were able to return, they learned that the source of the headache was within the Underworld, and thus once again ventured into the depths of the Underworld in order to investigate the source.

At last, the two discover a certain something within the depths...

As she watches Ryza perform alchemy, Klaudia begins to think that she would like to create something herself. After giving it some thought, she decides to try her hand at cooking.

Along with Ryza and Lila, they begin thinking about what they can cook for Empel, in appreciation for all he has done for them.

In order to hand make the special donuts that Empel always craves, she begins gathering materials. With only vague memories and unreliable information at hand, she tries to somehow make the donuts, however...

Season Event

A story set on a private beach is added.
In addition, after the game's story has progressed to a certain point midway through the game, the private beach will be added as a new gathering area.

Release date: 17th December

One day, Ryza and friends are summoned upon by Moritz.
They learn that he has a private tropical island that appears to be infested with monsters, and he requests that they eliminate them.

After Ryza and friends arrive at the island, they begin their hunt for the monsters.

And after they safely find and eliminate the monsters, they start thinking that since they're on a tropical island, it would be such a waste to not have a little vacation...

Note: Release date may change.
Note: These stories do not include voices. Also, depending the how far the story has progressed, some parts of the game system may be restricted.
Note: Select "Episode" on the title menu and then select the respective character to play.
Note: This content is included in the Season Pass "Kurken Island Jam-packed Pass". Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.