Dominate the entire continent
with your army's colors


The dynamic strategy of deploying a large army of district units at once at a province.

When the scale of the force increases and the ruler’s Royal Rank reaches “Duke” or higher, the "Campaign" command can be executed.
"Campaign“ is a command that target district units to attack provinces, thereby deploying a large number of units simultaneously from multiple bases.
In the latter half of the game, strategies are developed on a provincial scale, changing the thought process to larger scale unit operations.
Regular marches require a single order for each unit, whereas Campaigns can be executed with a single order for all units.


An intense duel between officers who both possess the “Duelist” character.

During battles, “Duels” may occur between the lead officers of units.
“Duels” proceed automatically in this game, and the officer with the most health remaining after 5 matches or reduces the opponent's health to zero wins.
An officer defeated in duels may be wounded, captured, or killed, and the morale of the unit he leads will be greatly reduced. Since a unit is annihilated when its morale reaches zero, a duels defeat may lead to the annihilation of a unit.
Officers with the character “Heroic”, “Duelist”, and “Vigorous” are more likely to encounter duels, and officers with “Duelist” and “Vigorous” characters are advantageous in duels so officers with these character traits play an important role in battles.

Expand your battle lines

① Liu Bei's army advances toward Xuchang
② Invade enemy land and expand your battle lines
③ Conquer "Prefectures" and expand your area of rule
④ Seize all of the areas surrounding Xuchang, and place the enemy's city under siege

The lands ruled over by various forces are denoted with colors, so you can confirm battle lines at a glance.
Battles typically consist of invading enemy territories to conquer new land and expand your battle lines.
The amount of land units can be conquered depends on the number of troops and the formation.
Sets of land units are called "Regions". Forces manage land as "Regional Units".
By conquering the "Prefecture" that manages a region, not only do you acquire the authority to rule over that region, but you will also receive income from the region, and your marching troops can receive supportive effects.
How your battle situation develops will greatly depend on what land you invade and which regions you seize.

Cut off the enemy's supply route

① Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's units draw in enemy units
② Liu Bei's unit circles back to attack the enemy unit's rear
③ Seize land between an enemy unit's marching source and marching target to cut off their supply route

By maintaining a "Supply Route", marching units can enjoy the full benefits of the city from which they have deployed, as well as the natural advantages of the land. As such, if any land along a unit's marching route is taken and they are cut off from their supply route, they might suffer a drop in morale, be inflicted by status ailments, or become weakened by other influences.
When battling with enemy units, you can even enjoy tactics such as halting enemy units on one front while sending another unit to their rear to cut off their supply route.


Using siege weapons is effective in attacking enemy bases.
Intensify naval forces and raise the level of ships in order to gain an advantage in naval battles.

When forming units to deploy, a formation can be assigned. Formations include the Awl, which specializes in mobility, the Ring, which excels at defense, and many others, for a total of 13 different types. By choosing the most appropriate formation for each situation, players gain an advantage in battle. In addition, certain officers have formations that allow them to use siege weapons, like the Siege Tower, the Battering Ram, and the Catapult, which can allow a player to capture a target effectively.

Also, during naval battles, formations take the form of ships. Ships include the standard Ship, which is available for use from the start, the improved Assault Ship, and the Roofed Ship, which has long distance attack capabilities. As the navy is strengthened, more ships become available for use. The Wu forces have many officers with the Water Warlord or the Helmsman character and so they have an advantage in naval battles.

Formation list

Name Role Feature
Fish Field Battle Assault and Defense are high, especially suitable for battles on level plains.
Arrow Roving Mobility and Assault are high, and excels at quick strikes as a roving unit.
Goose Ranged Long ranged attacks are possible, but defense is low. Most suitable for vanguard units
Ring Defense Mobility is low but Defense is high, and is a formation that is suitable for wars of attrition.
Crane Suppress Conquer has a wide range and Defense is high. Suitable for area suppression and vanguards.
Snake Hills Exceptional ability when in mountains or woods, but difficult to use elsewhere.
Awl Mobility Though unable to use Tactics, it specializes in Mobility and excels at taking the enemy's rear.
Siege Tower Siege Siege weapons that specialize in attacking troops at bases.
Battering Ram Siege Siege weapons that specialize in reducing the durability of bases.
Catapult Siege Well rounded siege weapons that are suited for attacking base troops and base durability.
Ship On Sea Basic ships for moving on water.
Assault Ship On Sea Ships with improved performance.
Roofed Boat On Sea Top grade ships that can attack from long distances.


Each officer is assigned a formation, tactic, and troops when they are deployed.
Xiahou Dun's Towering Aura tactic.
Has the effect of raising the morale of nearby troops and lowering the movement of the enemy they are battling.
Linked tactics achieved by officers with high affinity who activate their tactics at the same time.
With these linked tactic, the various effects of each officers' tactics become stronger.

Deployed officers can use the tactics they know to greatly reduce enemy numbers, drop them into disorder and immobilization in order to make battle more advantageous for them.
In addition, some officers have unique and powerful tactics, which when triggered, can greatly change the flow of battle.
Tactics can be linked among nearby officers with high affinity, like sworn brothers, to release even more powerful effects. These will be of great aid to them in leading their force to victory.