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"Employ" found officers as retainers.
Gifting discovered specialties to retainer officers enable various effects.

By using “Search”, players may find free officers and specialties, and may also earn gold even if officers or specialties cannot be found.
Since recruiting numerous talented individuals before other forces can lead to conquering territories, players should take the initiative in executing searches.
Officers who possess the characters "Insightful" and "Recruiter" have advantages such as shortening the number of days required for search and employ, so assigning officers with these characters to search missions is vital.

Royal Rank, Civil Service

The Royal Rank determines what civil services can be appointed.
For the first time in the series, a civil rank dedicated to the Yellow Turbans is available.

By increasing the scale of the force, a ruler can raise their "Royal Rank". When the “Royal Rank” increases, the abilities of the force expands such as being able to surround and conquer opponents, and designate the timing to activate optional tactics to troops.

In addition, rulers can appoint retainer officers a “Civil Service” according to their own Royal Rank.
When an officer is appointed a civil service, the number of troops they can lead increases and some abilities will increase, but the stipend paid to the officer will also increase.
The stipend of an officer with a "Greedy" character will be doubled, but the stipend of an officer with an "Unselfish" character will be halved, so it is important to balance these costs against money obtained.
An officer's civil service can be lowered, but the loyalty of that officer will also be lowered so be careful when managing civil services.

Area Overseers

The degree to which your area spreads will change depending on the overseers' charm and characters.

By appointing an area overseer to each of the centers of your areas, you can promote development and increase gold income. Since in area development, the type of development each area overseer is good at depends on their abilities and characters, how each area is developed will require strategic management of personnel.
Also, area overseers will automatically suppress the surrounding area with each turn. By expanding your controlled territory, not only does your territory increase, but you can also serve to cut off an enemy unit's supply route. Such activities allows one to create a kind of "Offense Administration" that can cooperate with your military actions.


Cao Cao's doctrine is "Might". Strong Battle and Support give him an advantage in battle.
Sun Quan's doctrine is "Local". He excels in Domestics and Personnel.
Liu Bei's doctrine is "Noble". All posts are balanced on his organizational chart.

Your "Administration" is an integral part of your force, and depending on how you assign posts to your subordinate officers, a variety of commands and effects will become available.
Your "Administration" consist of 5 types of posts - "Battle", "Support", "Schemes", "Domestics", and "Personnel". Depending on your ruler's "Doctrine", their organization chart will differ - some will be better suited for military affairs, while others will be suited for domestics, personnel, or other posts.
In addition, "doctrines" have levels, so the scope of your "administration" will expand as it develops.

By assigning your officers to various posts within your administration, the effects of the "policies" that they possess will be added to your force.
Some officer "policies" are only available to certain officers, and they have powerful effects that affect the entire battlefield, such as increasing the effects of specific formations, granting the ability to construct traps, and more. Devising your own strategies, raising your "doctrine" level, and assigning your subordinate officers to the appropriate posts will be the keys to expanding your force.

Officer Policies (partial listing)

Post Name Effect
Battle Strengthen Fish Scale The effectiveness of Fish Scale formations is increased.
Strengthen Siege WeaponsThe effectiveness of Siege Tower, Battering Ram, and Catapult formations are increased.
Strengthen Armed ForcesProduce the effects of all battle policies. (Only possessed by certain officers.)
Support Reorganize Military Morale limits for cities and units are increased.
Reorganize Supply RouteProvision consumption of units is decreased.
Schemes Research Burn Burn effects are increased, and fire traps are able to be constructed depending on level.
TrickeryThe amount of gold and provisions requested during foreign negotiations is decreased.
Domestics Prepare Register The rising force of troops due to recruit officials is increased.
Expand Castle WallsDurability limit of cities is increased.
Personnel Thorough Government Orders are increased.
Reform ExpendituresThe costs required for regional, training, and recruit officials are decreased.

Proposals by Retainers

Officers with the Wise character will make Proposals more often, making them important assets to a Force.

Retainer officers will propose a variety of commands, from tactics to banquets, to the rulers (players) based on their characters and depending on what they see on the battlefield.
These proposals happen each turn. Taking into account the officers' opinions, deciding which proposal to execute becomes an important administrative task.