The year is 2205.

"History Revisionists" began attacking the past to change history.
In order to stop them, the Government of the Time appointed the "Saniwa" with protecting history.
Saniwa can awaken tsukumogami (tools with spirits), the Touken Danshi.
They travel through time and seek to defeat the History Retrograde Army (HRA) who seek to alter history.

―― At Honmaru

The Saniwa and Touken Danshi were enjoying a peaceful life
when they were suddenly attacked by the HRA.
After a fierce battle, the Touken Danshi managed to overcome
the HRA, but the Honmaru was greatly damaged, weakening
their military strength.
In addition, in the midst of the battle,
Saniwa, who is vital to the Honmaru, disappeared.

By drifting through the time axis, they somehow managed to hide the Saniwa-less Honmaru, but there was nothing else they could do. The remaining fifteen blades lived quietly, holding on to the melody in their hearts and waiting for the right moment to come.

A beautiful spring with cherry blossoms in bloom. Once again, the HRA stealthily approaches the Honmaru while it is still adrift. But then Konnosuke appears, appointed by the Government of the Time to deliver a mission referred to as an "onslaught investigation".

With this last hope, Mikazuki Munechika and the other Touken Danshi
embark on a lengthy battle.

"Touken Ranbu Warriors, let's begin."

And so the curtain rises on this historical
drama taking place in the Sengoku Era.