Basic Controls: Steam®

Gamepad Controls Keyboard and Mouse Controls Graphics Settings

Gamepad Controls

Note: Button settings can be changed by pressing the Esc key during gameplay and accessing the "Key Assignment" menu.

Examine, Confirm
Jump, Cancel
(Hold) Charged Swing
Open Main Menu
Display Story/Quest Details
Display World Map
Skip (Events Only)
(Hold) Show Exploration Diary
Camera Controls
(+) Run (Default)
Change Tabs
Switch Gathering Tool (Field Screen Only)
Change Tabs
Start/Stop Running (Change in Settings)
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Display Event Log
Display Full Map

Keyboard and Mouse Controls

For the Steam version, you can also use mouse and keyboard.
Detailed key guide will be displayed on the bottom right of the game screen.
The operation guide displayed in the game conforms to the QWERTY keyboard layout.

Note: Button settings can be changed by pressing the Esc key during gameplay and accessing the "Key Assignment" menu.

Field Screen Controls

Character Movement W/A/S/D
Camera Mouse
Camera Zoom In ⁄ Out Mouse Wheel
Run Shift
Examine, Confirm E
Swing Left Mouse Button
(Hold Left Mouse Button) Charged Swing
Jump Space
Main Menu Tab
Event Log L
Full Map C
Switch Gathering Tool Right Mouse Button + Mouse Movement
World Map M
Exploration Diary N
Story F
Ride R
Surface (when Diving) Right Mouse Button
Descend (when Diving) Left Mouse Button
(World Map) Return to Atelier B
PC Menu Esc

Battle Controls

Switch Normal Commands ⁄ Skill Commands Space
Attack E
Left Mouse Button
Guard W
Right Mouse Button
Use Item S
Flee D
Use Skill Skill: E Skill: W Skill: S Skill: D
Shift Skills Shift
Change Character Q ⁄ R
Change Mode X ⁄ C
Change Target A ⁄ F
Button Help 1/2/3/4
Camera Movement ↑↓←→
Pause Esc
(During pause) Toggle Enemy Info/Party Info Tab

Synthesis Controls

List Selection, Cursor Mouse
Scroll, Camera Zoom In ⁄ Out Mouse Wheel
Change Tabs (Select Tab) Left Mouse Button
Open Skill Tree Space
Begin Synthesis E
Show ⁄ Hide Material Loop info R
Auto-Add Materials Shift
Add Essence F
Toggle Display Q

Graphics Settings

Graphics settings can be changed by pressing the Esc key during gameplay and accessing the "Graphics Settings" menu.
If the game is slow, lowering the quality of the graphics may improve it.

Screen Resolution Select the screen resolution.
If the window mode is set to "Window", the game resolution will adjust to the window size. If it is set to "Borderless", it will be scaled to match the resolution of the display.
Window Settings Change the window mode.
SSelect the game screen mode from Window, Fullscreen, or Borderless. This can also be changed by pressing F9.
Note: "Borderless" mode removes the frame of the window and stretches it to the size of the screen for a full-screen view.
Overall Quality Set the quality of the graphics. Selecting "High", "Standard" or "Low" will automatically change the various graphic settings.
Texture Quality Select the quality of the textures.
Shadow Quality Select the quality of the shadows.
Local Reflections Quality Select the quality of the reflection processing.
Effect Quality Select the quality of the effects.
Anti-Aliasing Turn the smoothing of the objects' contours on or off.
DOF Turn the blurring of objects that are not in focus on or off.
Ambient Occlusion Turn the enhancement of shadow rendering on or off.
Bloom Turn the glow from light rendering on or off.
Light Shafts Turn the light rays from the sun on or off.
Draw Distance Select the object display distance.
Point Light Distance Select the point light distance setting.
Grass Draw Distance Select the grass draw distance setting.
Grass Density Select the grass density setting.
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