Stats Skills

Go to Main Menu > Formation/Status to view the stats and skills of each character.


Characters' stats can also be viewed from Main Menu > Equipment/Core Item.


This is the character's level. The higher it is, the higher your abilities will become. When you gain enough experience points, you will level up.


This will go down as you take damage. If it reaches zero, you will be knocked out.
HP will fully replenish when you return to your atelier.


Affects damage dealt to enemies.


Affects damage taken from enemies.


Affects the turn order and critical rate.

Equipment Quality

This is affected by the total quality value of your equipped items (weapons, armor, and accessories).
The higher the value, the higher the bonus to your ATK, DEF, and SPD.


Affects your Core Items.
If an item's level is higher than this value, its effectiveness will be reduced.

Elemental Resistance

You can gain resistances through effects of the items you equip.


You can view each character's active and passive skills here.

Active Skills

These skills are unleashed in battle by consuming AP. Regular attacks will not consume AP.
When you level up, you will gain more usable active skills.
When your Tactics Level goes up, some skills can have additional effects.

Passive Skills

These skills are used automatically in battle.
You can gain new passive skills by leveling up or completing party quests.

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