Core Items & Core Charge

Core Items Core Charge (CC) CC Bottle Core Crystal Modification Core Drive

Core Items

Core Items are items equipped to the Core Crystal. Each character can carry multiple ones.
Using a Core Item will consume CC, but the item itself won't be consumed. Only Core Items equipped by your character can be used in combat and exploration.

Equipping Core Items

Core Items can be equipped via Main Menu > Core Item.
However, if the Item Level is higher than the character's dexterity, the item's effectiveness will be reduced.
Each character can equip a maximum of 4 items to their Core Crystal.

Core Charge (CC)

CC are the points required to use equipped items.
It will increase as skills are used in battle, and using items will consume it.
Each item costs a certain amount, and you won't be able to use the item if you don't have enough.

CC Bottle

The CC in the CC bottle can be used to use recovery items in the field. Go to Main Menu > Basket > Consumable to select an item. You will only be able to use the items you have equipped as Core Items.
Some of the CC not used in battle will be stored in your CC Bottle. When you return to the atelier, your CC Bottle will fully replenish.

Core Crystal Modification

You can use Core Shards to increase your maximum CC or unlock Core Elements.
Attack items with the same element as the set Core Element will be boosted. Skills with the same element will have increased CC replenishment rates.
Core Shards can be obtained in battle depending on the amount of CC consumed.
Go to Main Menu > Core Item >Modify Core Crystal to select this.

Note: Core Crystal Modification will become available as the story progresses.

Core Drive

Core Drive is a powerful technique unleashed by combining items.
You can activate a Core Drive when you meet the conditions. The conditions are different for each Core Drive. Each character can only use it once per battle.
Core Drive will become available after it is unlocked in the Skill Tree. It can be set up by accessing "Modify Core Crystal" through Main Menu > Core Item.

Note: The Core Drive skills will become available as the story progresses.

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