Elements and Status Effects

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Elements and Actions

All battle actions (attacks, skills, items) have elements associated with them.
Using an element that the enemy is vulnerable to will allow you to deal extra damage.
There are two types of elemental attributes, primary and secondary, and the combination of these determines the final attribute.

Primary Elements

There are two types: Physical and Magic.

Checking Primary Elements

  • Attacks/Skills: Main Menu > Formation/Status
  • Items: Main Menu > Basket/Container

"Physical Damage" = Physical

"Magic Damage" = Magic

"(Elemental) Damage" = Magic

Secondary Elements

There are four secondary elements: fire, ice, lightning, and wind.
Some actions don't have secondary elements.

Note: Normal attacks have no secondary element.

Checking Secondary Elements

  • Skills: Main Menu > Formation/Status
  • Items: An item's secondary element depends on the effects of the item.

Status Effects

Characters may sometimes be affected by status effects.
There are both positive and negative effects. You can view these effects under Party Info. Some effects also have depth levels, and the higher these levels the more powerful the effect will be.
Most status effects will eventually go away on their own.

Controls: Party Info
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Positive Status Effects

Continuous HP Recovery: Heals HP over time.
Acceleration: Reduces Wait Time until next action.
SE Block: Prevents all negative effects for a set amount of time.
Reduce Neg. SE: Reduces the active time of negative effects.
Damage Reduction: Reduces damage taken for a set amount of time.
AP Bonus: Increases AP gained with each action.
CC Bonus: Increases CC gained with each action.
Item Damage Up: Boosts the offensive power of items.
Skill Damage Up: Boosts the offensive power of skills.
Quad Elemental Boost: Increases damage dealt with all elemental attacks.

Negative Status Effects

Sleep: Prevents from taking action and increases damage received.
Poison: Continuously deals damage over time.
Curse: Prevents healing, and at high levels turns any healing effects into damage and increases magic damage taken.
Burns: ContinuouslyContinuously deal damage over time and do not heal on their own. At high levels, decrease fire resistance.
Frostbite: Increases WT and physical damage taken. At high levels, decrease ice resistance.
Paralysis: Blocks Action Orders and increases Stun Gauge damage. At high levels, decrease lightning resistance.
Restraint: Prohibits skill combo attacks. When used on enemies, it will lengthen the amount of time until they unleash a powerful attack. At high levels, decrease wind resistance.

Area Boost

If there are multiple enemies within the same area, their stats and abilities will be enhanced. The exact effect depends on the type and number of monsters in the area. You will need to either defeat or stun enemies to remove this effect.
Enhanced enemies will appear red on the minimap in the top-right corner of the screen.


As you take damage, your Stun Gauge will increase. Once it's full, you will be stunned.
At this point, your next action will be delayed and you'll take increased damage for a period of time.
If your Stun Gauge reaches maximum again while you're stunned, you'll suffer a Break Down, and your movement on the timeline will be halted temporarily.

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