Ryza's Atelier

Alchemy Cauldron Multiplicauldron Diary Bed Container Pet Puni

This is Ryza's main base of operations, and where you will do synthesis and save your game data. Whenever you return to the atelier, all the items in your basket will be moved to the container.

Alchemy Cauldron

This is where you perform your synthesis.
As you advance through the Skill Tree, you'll unlock special abilities like Item Rebuild and Gem Reduction.


Here you can duplicate items.
As you advance through the Skill Tree, you'll unlock the ability to duplicate items, refine Essences, and use Evolution Links.


You can save/load your data here.
You can also redecorate the atelier or even change your outfit.

Decorating the Atelier

You will be able to choose the interior and add furniture to the atelier.
Items that can be used to decorate the atelier can be obtained from shops, quests, or your pet Puni. These decorative items carry various effects that will boost your stats.


You can use this to advance the time of day as necessary.


Here you can organize your items and view the materials you have collected.

Pet Puni

When a Puni takes up residence in your atelier, you can feed it and send it out on adventures. Sometimes it will even bring souvenirs for you.
You can also feed it to increase its stats and change its appearance.
The Puni has its own level. The more you send it out, the more experience points it will earn. Its level can't go any higher than Ryza's current level.

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