Action Points (AP)

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What Are AP?

AP (Action Points) are points that are shared between all party members that are only valid during combat. Action Points are required to use Skills and are obtained by using normal attacks.

Skill Chains

As long as you have enough AP, you can continue to unleash multiple skills.
Every time you use a skill, its power and CC replenishment rate increases.

Skill Level

When a character's level goes up, their Skill Level (S-Lv.) may also increase as well.
As your Skill Level increases, you will be able to activate the same skill in succession during your skill chain. The power of the skill will be greatly increased and special effects may be applied.

Tactics Level

As you spend a certain amount of AP, your gauge will fill up and your Tactics Level will increase (up to 5).
The amount of AP required differs for each Tactics Level.
The gauge is also filled up when you use Shift Skills and Order Skills.

Tactics Level Benefits

  • Increased maximum AP.
  • Additional effects for certain skills.
  • Extra experience points (level 3 and higher).

Quick Items

You can consume 10 AP to have your character use an item regardless of the wait time.

Fatal Drive

You can unleash this ultimate move when your Tactics Level reaches the maximum (lv. 5).
Each character can use this only once per battle.
This will consume all of your AP. The higher your AP, the more powerful it will become. Your Tactics Level will revert to 1 after using it.

Note: Fatal Drive attacks can be unlocked by increasing the character's level.

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