Using Facilities

Shops Shop Development Farm Reinforcing Equipment Gold Coin Exchange

The royal capital is home to a variety of facilities. Each one will unlock as you progress through the story.


You can purchase alchemy materials or equipment at shops.

Shop Development

Selling your items at Romy's shop will improve the quality and traits of items sold at other shops.
When you sell certain items, it can lead to new items being added to the line-up, as well as increased stock counts for certain categories of items.


You can grow materials at Cassandra's farm.
You can plant seeds synthesized with alchemy. You'll have to wait a little while before harvesting your crops.
Depending on the quality and traits of the seeds, the type, quality, and traits of the crops will also change.

Reinforcing Equipment

You can reinforce your equipment at Dennis's workshop.
Stats will increase according to the materials you use, and you can even carry over material traits.
You might even be able to unlock special equipment effects if you use the right materials.
You can only reinforce each piece of equipment a single time.

Gold Coin Exchange

Gold Coins are items that can be found out in the field.
You can trade them for valuable items at Romy's shop.

Gold Coins can be found:

  • Inside treasure chests.
  • As quest rewards.
  • Dropped by defeated enemies.
  • Dug up by the Spirit Beast.
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