Story Synopsis

You can check the story log at any time to figure out what you need to do next. If you're not sure where to go, take a look at the log!
You can also turn the page to view any quests you've accepted.

Controls: Story
PS4® / PS5™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
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If you're stuck...

Take a look around the capital!

Various events can be triggered around the capital. Try visiting different areas and build friendships with a variety of characters.

Create new equipment!

As Ryza gains more experience, she'll be able to create high quality items. It is recommended that you outfit yourself with new equipment from time to time. Even if the item is the same, it can have different effects and traits that will help you in battle. You can also alter recipes to build even stronger items.

Equip adventuring tools!

Adventuring tools will grant you access to even more locations, so don't forget to equip them! Create lots of useful tools to unlock access to all kinds of places!

Create gathering tools!

Gathering tools can affect the number, types, and even quality of materials that you gather. As new ingredients become available, the number of things that can be synthesized will increase.

Unlock new recipes!

Early on, you will not have access to all locations inside the ruins and will not be able to collect all of the clues to unraveling their mysteries. In order to unlock new recipes that will help you proceed, you should focus on gathering the materials, opening the treasure chests, and defeating the monsters that can be found in the ruins.

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