Refinement and Mist How to Use Advanced Essences

Essences are special items used during synthesis to change the element or boost effects of Material Loops.

Note: Essences can only be refined/used after learning "Essence" in the Skill Tree.

Refinement and Mist

At the Multiplicauldron, select "Essence Refinement" to refine a Mist using Gems. The Essence will match the element of the Mist that was used.
Mist can be obtained as a drop item during battles or from Gem Reduction.

How to Use

Essences can be used on Material Loops during synthesis.
Using an Essence will allow you to change the Material Loop's element. When you use an Essence of the same element as the Material Loop, you will amplify its effect.

Note: There is a limit to how many Essences you can use, and certain Material Loops won't allow you to use them at all.

Controls: Adding Essence
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Advanced Essences

Advanced Essences are Essences with more powerful effects.
Unlike normal Essences, they are used with the Alchemy Cauldron itself rather than a specific Material Loop. You can only use one per synthesis.
For example, you can acquire Aurora Essence by using Light Mist that can be unlocked in the Skill Tree.
This is just one example; there are several other Advanced Essences to discover.

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