Synthesis Flow

Step 1: Select a Recipe Step 2: Select Materials Step 3: Select Traits

Step 1: Select a Recipe

Select the item you want to synthesize in the Alchemy Cauldron. You can tell whether or not you are able to synthesize an item based on its color.
The icon to the left of the recipe will tell you whether or not you meet the conditions for Recipe Morph.

Conditions MetConditions Not Met
Item CreationName in BlackName in Red
Recipe Morph(*)

* The icon will be white when you have the necessary materials to fill out the Material Loops of the new recipe. If you don't have the necessary materials, Recipe Morph will not be possible.

Step 2: Select Materials

Select a Material Loop, then choose which materials you want to add. The basic loops must be filled with materials.
You can add more than one item to a single Material Loop.


When you select a material, you will see its elements and Elemental value.


Here you can also see the material's elements, as well as any effects or traits it carries.

Item Info

Here you can see the prediction of the finished item.


Indicates the item's level. If this number exceeds your character's Dexterity, the item's effectiveness will be reduced.
In the case of Item Rebuild, you won't be able to add materials higher than your current Rebuild Level.

Element Value

This is the value of the elements attached to the item. This can change depending on the quality and traits of the materials added during the synthesis.


This indicates the number of items to be created.

CC (Core Charge) (Attack/Healing Items)

This is the CC value required to use the item.

Range (Attack/Healing Items)

This shows the effective range of the item.

  • Single: Effective only on the selected ally or enemy.
  • All: Effective on all allies or all enemies, respectively.
  • Area: Effective in an area centered around the selected ally or enemy.
    Unlike "All," the effect on allies or enemies that were not directly selected will be reduced to 30%.


The item's quality, determined by the materials used in the synthesis. The higher the quality, the more powerful the item will be.


The item's effects as determined by the recipe. Each item can have multiple effects, depending on the synthesis process, and all effects will be applied.


This is how many of each material you're able to add.
You can increase this cap by learning "Quantity Up" in the Skill Tree.

Auto-Add Materials

If you select "Auto-Add Materials" the game will automatically choose which materials to use in the synthesis.
You can select whether to prioritize high or low quality items.

Note: •Favorited items will not be used.
•This does not apply to special Material Loops like those found in Recipe Morph.

Controls: Auto-Add Materials
PS4® / PS5™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
/ Shift

Select All

Choose "Select All" to select multiple materials at once.

Controls: Select All
PS4® / PS5™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
/ Mouse wheel button

Step 3: Select Traits

You can transfer traits from materials to the final item. Note that the same material will not necessarily always have the same traits.

You can select up to 3 traits.
However, in order for a trait to become activated, you must first level up the corresponding Material Loop in order to unlock its trait slots.

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