Exploring Ruins

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As the story progresses, Ryza will encounter various ruins and aim to uncover their mysteries. Gathering clues and solving the mysteries hidden in the ruins will also allow you to unlock new abilities on the Skill Tree.

Exploration Diary

This diary compiles the information you discover about ruins. New information you encounter on your investigations will all be recorded here.

Research List and the Compass of Recollection

To investigate the ruins, Ryza will need to follow the clues left behind by explorers of the past, which will be recorded in the Research list in the Exploration Diary.
As you explore, defeat enemies, and discover treasure inside the ruins, the Compass of Recollection will be activated. Once activated, the Compass will lead you to the locations of Ruin Fragments and Memory Vestiges.
When you discover a new location, begin your exploration by following the hints listed in the Research List.

Gathering Fragments

When the Compass of Recollection is activated, you will be able to discover Ruin Fragments, Ruin Crystals, and Memory Vestiges. You can use the Sensor Map and the compass to efficiently track down these bits of ancient history.

Solving Mysteries

Ruin Fragments and Crystals you discover will be recorded as images. By matching these with the Memory Vestiges you will unravel the story of the ruins and gain new information and recipes that will help you complete each set of the ruins.

Compass of Recollection

This special item will lead you to Ruin Fragments and Memory Vestiges hidden in the ruins. The indicator on the top of the screen will show you the location of the closest item.
Each item will be indicated with a different color: blue for Ruin Fragments, red for Ruin Crystals and yellow for Memory Vestiges.

Sensor Map

The Sensor map will be available once you open the area map after the Compass of Recollection is activated.
On the Sensor map you will be able to see the location of all fragments, including the ones you have already discovered.
At first, only the approximate location of a fragment or a crystal will be displayed, but the accurate location will be narrowed down as you get closer.
You can switch between the Sensor map and the standard area map with the following keys:

Controls: Sensor Map
PS4® / PS5™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
/ C
Controls: Toggle View
PS4® / PS5™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
/ F


Ruin Fragments

These are the clues necessary to solve the mysteries of the ruins.

Ruin Crystals

These clues are key to uncovering the ruins' secrets. As you solve the mystery of the crystals, you'll obtain important hints and crucial recipes.

Memory Vestiges

These are materialized memories of people who interacted with the ruins in the past. They exist as phantoms and can sometimes appear in front of you.

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