Basic Controls: Steam®

Mouse and Keyboard Controls

The Steam version uses the following mouse controls.

Left-click Select
(Controlling Map) Drag while holding Shift key to Select Unit Range
(On Info List) Drag to Select Multiple Items
Right-click Cancel ⁄ Return
Mouse Wheel (On Map) Zoom In ⁄ Out
(On List Screen) Scroll Through List

The Steam version also uses the following keyboard controls.

Z Zoom In
X Zoom Out
W Move Map Camera Up
S Move Map Camera Down
A Move Map Camera Left
D Move Map Camera Right
C Rotate Map Camera Up
V Rotate Map Camera Down
Q Rotate Map Camera Left
E Rotate Map Camera Right
Esc Open Settings Menu
Space Advance ⁄ Halt the Advancement Phase
Backspace Cancel Command ⁄ Back
1 Set Advancement Phase Speed to 1 (Slow)
2 Set Advancement Phase Speed to 2 (Normal)
3 Set Advancement Phase Speed to 3 (Fast)
4 Toggle Regional Border Display
5 Toggle Force Color Display
6 Toggle Front Line View
7 Toggle Foreign Info Display
8 Toggle Base Info Display
9 Toggle Unit Info Display
Enter Skip Message
F1 Focus on Adjutant List 1
F2 Focus on Adjutant List 2
F3 Focus on Adjutant List 3
F4 Focus on Adjutant List 4
F5 Focus on Adjutant List 5
Tab Focus on Next Base
PageUp Previous Page
PageDown Next Page
Home Focus on First Page
End Focus on Last Page
Delete Delete 1 Digit

Note: Key bindings can be changed through the in-game Options on Key Configuration.

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